Tournament Reports

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March 2018

Unrated Rapid (March 3): This is a new monthly tournament started by Lennart Bjorksten. Lennart enjoyed playing in G/15 tournaments every week when he was growing up and wanted to bring this format to the PCC. It was decided the tournament would be unrated since almost no one cares about their US Chess quick rating and it prevents new and casual players from having to pay for US Chess membership and the club from paying a US Chess rating fee. The inaugural edition of this tournament got eight players. NM Jason Cigan finished first with 5.5/6 and won a book. Since there were four players rated over 2000 and four players rated under 1800, a book was also given to the top finisher under 1800 and this turned out to be Havish Sripada, the lowest rated player in the field, who did very well with 3/6.

Sunday Quads (March 18): After being unable to run the Quad 45/Sunday Quads for the first time last month, Micah Smith was back to being the Chief TD this month and was assisted by Mike Hasuike. This month’s edition started the fifth year we have run the Quad 45/Sunday Quads tournament! There were sixteen players in four quads. We thank Sophie Beauchet, mother of Pierre-Hadrien Beauchet, for agreeing to play as a house player to make the numbers even. It was her first US Chess rated event. Abbie Wu and Zoey Tang tied for first in Quad 1 with 2/3, with Zoey winning their matchup in round 1. They both won books as well as medals as scholastic players who won their section with 2 points. David Roshu won Quad 2 with 2.5/3, winning a book, gaining around 45 rating points, and achieving a new peak rating. He was also eligible to choose a small trophy as a scholastic player who won his section with 2.5 points but declined. Pierre-Hadrien Beauchet swept Quad 3 with a perfect 3-0, gaining around 70 rating points and winning a book as well as a trophy as a scholastic player who won his section with three points. Arnold Yang, who didn’t mind being in a Quad 3 with three much higher rated players, gained around 75 rating points. Ethan Brown, who was playing in his first US Chess rated tournament, and Arthur Yang, tied for first in Quad 4 with 2/3, with Arthur winning their matchup in round 1. They both took medals and Arthur took a book while Ethan declined. Arthur also gained around 135 rating points and achieved a new peak provisional rating. Note that next month’s edition is on the fourth Sunday, April 22, a week later than usual.

Portland Spring Open (March 24-25):

Tuesday Quads (March 6-):

Game in 60 (March 31):