Tournament Reports

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July 2017

3rd Annual Rose City Sectionals (July 8-9):

Quad 45 (July 15): This month’s edition was run by Micah Smith with assistance from Gregory Markowski, who also played in the event to make the numbers even and avoid byes. The tournament got thirty-two players, tied with the July 2014 edition for record attendance at the Quad 45! (and the main reason the July 2014 edition got such a higher number is because a number of players from one scholastic club came and played). Brother and sister David and Cassandra Roshu ended up in the same quad. We would have adjusted things to try and avoid them from having to play each other if they wanted but they said they didn’t care if they had to play each other. FM Nick Raptis won quad 1 with a perfect 3-0. He gave his book he selected as a prize to Isaac Vega. Ethan Wu and Michael Moore tied for first in quad 2 with 2/3. They drew their match-up in round 1. They both won a book as well as a medal as scholastic players who won their section with 2 points. Michael also achieved a new peak rating and has now gained rating points in the last seven US Chess rated tournaments he has played in! James Tsai won quad 3, in which three of the players were within five rating points of each other, with 2.5/3. James won a book and gained around 40 rating points which was enough to achieve a new peak established rating. Idhant Bhat, a player visiting from Texas, won quad 4 with 2.5/3, gaining around 65 rating points and winning a small trophy as a scholastic player who won his section with 2.5 points. He declined to select a book. Fedor Semenov and Cassandra Roshu tied for first in quad 5 with 2/3, with Fedor winning their match-up in round 2. They both selected medals and Fedor also selected a book while Cassandra declined to take a book. They both also achieved new peak ratings and for Fedor it was his 6th straight tournament where he gained rating points and achieved a new peak rating! David Ma and Patrick Morrissey tied for first in quad 6 with 2/3, with David winning their match-up in round 1. They both won books and David was also eligible to select a medal but declined. Patrick also gained around 70 rating points and achieved a new peak established rating. Chad Lykins won quad 7 with a perfect 3-0, winning a book and adding around 140 points to his provisional rating which was more than enough to achieve a new peak rating. Henry Westlund won quad 8 with 2.5/3, winning a book and small trophy. There was one player playing in his first US Chess rated tournament, Jo Jo from Tacoma. Starting next month the Quad 45 tournament is moving from Saturday to Sunday and is being renamed Sunday Quads. The main ideas behind moving the tournament to Sunday are so we have a weekend tournament that accommodates players who can’t play on Saturday and players who would like to be able to use Saturday to relax and prepare for a tournament after a long work or school week.

Portland Rapid and Blitz Championships (July 22):