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June 2018

Portland Summer Open (June 9-10): Starting with this year’s Portland Spring Open, we changed the format of our four seasonal tournaments to have two rounds per day at G/90;inc30 (see the Portland Spring Open report in the March 2018 archives for more on the new format and why we changed to this format). This year’s edition was run by Micah Smith. Mike Hasuike assisted all weekend long and Lennart Bjorksten assisted during registration in addition to playing in the event. There were thirty-three players. Included in the field was Ryan Velez from Kentucky, who is running for the US Chess executive board and happened to be in town (unfortunately he could only play on Saturday as he had a flight back home Sunday morning). We thank Sophie Beauchet for agreeing to play an extra rated game against the players who received a full point bye. FM Shunkai Peng swept the seventeen player Open section with a perfect 4-0 and won $123.75. LM Carl Haessler and Jerry Sherrard tied for second with 3/4. They split the second place prize, each winning $41.25. Moshe Rachmuth and Andrea Botez split the 1st U2000 prize with 2.5/4, each winning $31. Ari Bluffstone gained around 35 rating points and achieved his 5th, 2nd category norm and thus was awarded the 2nd Category title. Saahil Gupta gained around 150 rating points and achieved a new peak provisional rating. Jon Strohbehn won the sixteen player Reserve (U1800) section with 3.5/4, winning $82.50 and gaining around 80 rating points. David Roshu and Egan Wong tied for second with 3/4. They split the second overall and 1st U1600 prizes, each winning $51.75. Egan also gained around 110 rating points, achieved a new peak rating, and achieved his 5th, 4th category norm and thus was awarded the 4th Category title (his performance was good enough that he achieved a 3rd category norm as well). Jerrold Richards and Ishaan Kodarapu split the 1st U1400 and 1st U1200/unrated prizes with 2/4, each winning $41.25. Ishaan also gained around 145 rating points and achieved a new peak rating.

Unrated Rapid (June 16):

Sunday Quads (June 24):

Tuesday Quads (June 5-26):

Game in 60 (June 30):