Tournament Reports

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June 2019

Portland Summer Open (June 8-9): This year’s edition was run by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance at registration from Mike Lilly. There were thirty-eight players. NM Joshua Grabinsky, from Coquille, won the sixteen player Open section with 3.5/4 and won $142.50. Ryan Richardson and NM Robert Hamm tied for second with 3/4. They split the second overall and 1st U2000 prizes, each winning $83.12. If Robert doesn’t end up qualifying for the Championship section of the 2020 Oregon Closed through some means, he will likely be the highest finishing Oregon resident from the Summer Open who doesn’t which means he qualifies for the Challengers section of the 2020 Oregon Closed through the tournament. Yu-Cheng Liang gained around 40 rating points, achieved a new peak, and achieved his 5th, 2nd Category norm and thus was awarded the 2nd Category title. Pierre-Hadrien Beauchet achieved his 5th, 3rd Category norm and thus was awarded the 3rd Category title. Vaughn Wampole, a player from Pennsylvania who happened to be in town, swept the twenty-two player Reserve (U1800) section with a perfect 4-0, winning $95, gaining around 50 rating points, and achieving a new peak rating. Radu Stancescu, William Nobles, and Arnold Yang tied for second with 3/4. They split the second overall, 1st U1600, and 1st U1400 prizes, each winning $55.41. Arnold also gained around 165 rating points and achieved a new peak rating (this comes two weeks after he tied for first in the Booster (U1400) section of the Washington Open with 6/7 and gained 175 rating points and achieved a new peak rating). Radu also gained around 80 rating points. Son Le and Anisha Sripada split the 1st U1200/unrated prize with 2.5/5, each winning $23.75. Anisha also gained around 180 rating points and achieved a new peak rating. Riley Jones, from Coquille, gained around 35 rating points. There was one player playing in their first US Chess rated tournament, Emilio Bautista.

Tuesday Quads (June 4-18): This month’s edition was run by Mike Morris and got ten players. It was split into a quad with the four highest rated players and a Swiss among the bottom six players. The players in the Swiss decided to just play three rounds. Karl Cosner and NM Robert Hamm tied for first in the quad with 2/3. They drew their matchup in round 2. David Murray swept the Swiss with a perfect 3-0. Patrick Morrissey finished second in the Swiss with 2/3. Nord Winnan gained around 65 rating points in the Swiss.

Sunday Quads (June 23):

Game in 60 (June 29):