Tournament Reports

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May 2017

Quad 45 (May 13): This month’s Quad 45 and Game in 60 were both a week earlier than usual due to the Washington Open (see the links page for more on the Washington Open and the Washington Chess Federation who sponsors and runs that tournament). This month’s Quad 45 was run by Micah Smith with assistance at registration from Michael Hasuike, who also played in the event. It got a good turnout of twenty-six players. This included sixteen scholastic players which is an excellent turnout, especially considering the OSCF State Championship in Seaside was the week before and twelve of those players played in the OSCF State Championship (see the links page for more on the OSCF and the OSCF State Championship). Notably absent from the event was Brian Berger who had to miss the event due to having the flu. Brian has played in almost every PCC event (except for blitz) around the last four years and had played in the Quad 45 for thirty straight months from November 2014 to April 2017! The tournament was split into five quads and a six player Swiss. The Swiss was made up of the bottom six players to try and avoid some family members from having to play against each other. NM Jason Cigan won the top quad for the second straight month with a perfect 3-0 and won a book. Jason has now won the top section of the last four PCC tournaments! Will Holloran won quad 2 with 2.5/3. He declined to take a book. Michael Hasuike won quad 3 with 2/3. He declined to take a book. Ian Fudalla won quad 4 with 2.5/3 and gained around 35 rating points. He also declined to take a book. Havish Sripada, who became the Primary (K-2) State Champion for the second straight year (he tied for first last year) by winning the top Primary section at the OSCF State Championship, won quad 5 with 2.5/3. He added around 185 points to his provisional rating and won a book and a small trophy as a scholastic player who won his section with 2.5 points. Arlo Maslen won the Swiss with a perfect 3-0, gaining around 80 rating points and winning a book and a trophy as a scholastic player who won his section with 3 points. Father and son Chad Lykins and Pace Lykins tied for second in the Swiss with 2/3. Chad was playing in his first US Chess rated tournament while Pace added around 60 points to his provisional rating.

Game in 60 (May 20): This month’s edition was run by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance from Danny Phipps at registration. It got twenty-four players so it was run in one section. NM Jason Cigan swept the field with a perfect 4-0 and won $72. Jason has now won the last five PCC tournaments and the last three Game in 60’s! Jack McClain, from Eugene, finished second with 3.5/4, winning $48 and gaining around 60 rating points which was more than enough to achieve a new peak rating. David Murray, Christopher Burris, and Zoey Tang tied for third with 3/4. They split the third and U1800/unrated prizes, each taking home $26. Zoey also gained around 70 rating point and achieved a new peak rating. Jon Strohbehn won the U1500/unrated prize of $42 with 2.5/4. Other big rating gains were achieved by Patrick Morrissey (around 50 points), Arlo Maslen (around 50 points), and Pierre-Hadrien Beauchet (around 40 points).