Tournament Reports

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November 2017

Oregon Class Championships (November 4-5):

Sunday Quads (November 12): This month’s Sunday Quads and Game in 60 were both moved up a week to avoid competing with the Washington Class Championships over Thanksgiving weekend. This month’s Sunday Quads was run by Micah Smith with assistance during registration from Isaac Vega, who also played in the event. There were sixteen players. Things worked out nicely in that we had an even number, didn’t have to figure out where to put a 5-7 player group, and didn’t have to adjust anything to try and avoid family members from having to play against each other. David Murray won quad 1 with 2.5/3 and won a book. Havish Sripada, Cassandra Roshu, and Pierre-Hadrien Beauchet tied for 1st in Quad 2 with 2/3. They all had one win and one loss against each other. They all won a book and a medal as scholastic players who won there section with 2 points. Pierre also gained around 85 rating points and achieved a new peak rating while Cassandra gained around 45 points. Jimmy Dee swept quad 3 with a perfect 3-0, winning a book and gaining around 65 rating points. William Nobles gained around 40 rating points in quad 3. Henry Westlund, Shashank Dewangan, who was playing in this first US Chess rated tournament, and Perry Rachmuth tied for first in quad 4 with 2/3. They all had one win and one loss against each other. They all won books and Henry and Perry also won medals as scholastic players.

Game in 60 (November 18):