Tournament Reports

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April 2019

13th Annual Clark Harmon Memorial Open (April 6-7): Clark was one of Oregon and Washington’s premier players and ambassadors of the game for many decades. See more information about Clark here and here. There is now a tournament run each year in April, the month Clark passed away, in his honor. The tournament currently rotates between Oregon and Washington every other year and was in Oregon at the Portland Chess Club this year. This year we changed the time control on the first round from G/120;d10 to G/60;d10, as we did at the Neil Dale Memorial Open (see the January 2019 archives for details on why we made this, and only this, change). Mike Morris was the Chief TD for this year’s edition. Mike Janniro filled in for round three on Saturday evening. Micah Smith assisted with registration and until the start of round three. This year’s edition got thirty-four players. We thank Sophie Beauchet for playing an extra rated game against the player who received a full point bye in round 1 and for Subramanyam Sripada for playing an extra rated game against the players who received a full point bye in rounds 2-5 (and he gained around 145 rating points and achieved a new peak rating in the process). FM Shunkai Peng finished first with 4.5/5 and won $204. His victory here comes two weeks after winning the previous 2-day PCC tournament, the Portland Spring Open (see the March 2019 archives). FM Corey Russell (from Medford), Zoey Tang, and Havish Sripada tied for second with 4/5. They split the second and third overall and 1st U2100 prizes, each winning $96.33. If Havish doesn’t end up qualifying for the Championship section of the Oregon Closed through some means, he will likely be the highest finishing Oregon resident from the Clark Harmon Memorial who doesn’t which means he would qualify for the Challengers section of the Oregon Closed. Havish also gained around 40 rating points and achieved a new peak rating while Zoey achieved her 5th, 1st Category norm and thus was awarded the 1st Category title (her performance was good enough that she achieved a Candidate Master norm as well). Karl Cosner, Michael Moore (from Corvallis), and Brent Baxter (from Olympia) split the 2nd U2100 prize with 3.5/5, each pocketing $17. Raj Kodithyala won the 1st U1900 prize of $68 with 3.5/5. William Holloran and Abbie Wu split the 2nd U1900 prize with 3/5, each winning $25.50. Austin Tang, Jon Strohbehn, and Victor Diego split the 1st U1700, 1st U1500, and 1st U1300/unrated prizes with 3/5, each winning $68. Victor also won the $50 bonus upset prize by beating a player rated 500 points higher, gained around 95 rating points, and achieved a new peak rating. Jon also gained around 140 rating points. Christopher Burris and Ishaan Kodarapu split the 2nd U1700 prize with 2.5/5, each winning $25.50. Geoff Kenway won the 2nd U1500 prize of $51 with 2.5/5 and gained around 120 rating points. Nick Major won the 2nd U1300/unrated prize if $51 with 2/5.

Game in 60 (April 20):

Unrated Rapid (April 27):

Sunday Quads (April 28):

Tuesday Quads (April 2-TBD):