Sunday Quads

This tournament is a great way for players to battle against similarly rated opponents. It’s also a great way for new players who are above the very beginning level to get introduced to the club and PCC Open tournament play.

Format: 3-round quads. Some or all of the sections may run as a 3-round Swiss with more than four players depending on circumstances. The most current (“live”) US Chess regular ratings are usually used for section placement and pairings.

Time Control: G/50;inc15 (fifty minutes per player with a fifteen second increment each move). Clocks without increment capability but with delay capability use G/50;d15. Clocks without increment or delay capability use G/50;d0. Click here to see the clock rules for this tournament and how to set the popular digital clocks for this time control (including some important notes on some of the clocks). Bring a digital clock. Some digital clocks are provided at this tournament but please do not always rely on the club to provide a digital clock (boards, pieces, notation sheets, and pens/pencils are provided).

Schedule: On-site registration runs from 9-9:45am. The rounds are scheduled for 10am, 12:30pm, and 3pm. Rounds 2 and 3 can be started earlier if both players agree. Players who have a game go long can request extra time off before the next round.

Entry Fee: $20, $15 for PCC members. Pay during registration with cash or check payable to Portland Chess Club.

Rated: US Chess dual rated and NWSRS rated. US Chess membership is required and can be purchased during registration. US Chess membership rates/information/benefits. The OSCF is currently offering discounted regular memberships (no printed magazine) for any player under age 21 at the time of redemption here.

Prizes: The winner of each section receives a $15 discount on the entry fee to a future Sunday, Friday (Open or Scholastic), or Tuesday Quad, valid for three months. If there is a six or seven player Swiss, the runner-up receives a $7.50 discount. Discounted entry prizes are combined and split if there is a tie. Scholastic players will also receive a trophy if they win their section with 3 points, a smaller trophy if they win or tie for first with 2.5, or a medal if they win or tie for first with 2 or 1.5. While the supply lasts, anyone who wins or ties for first in their section will also be able to select a chess book from those graciously donated to the club by various individuals.

Qualifiers: This tournament is a qualifier for the OSCF State Championship (unless the tournament falls on or ten days prior to the final day of the state championship)

Location: Portland Chess Center, 2025 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR 97232

Notes: 1) While this tournament is open to scholastic players, it’s only recommended for mature scholastic players who are capable of playing in a serious tournament and against adults. 2) This tournament uses the rules from the 7th edition of the US Chess rulebook. 3) State membership is not required.