Tournament Reports

October 2017

National Chess Day-Portland Fall Open (October 14-15): National chess day is currently celebrated on the second Saturday in October. This year we decided to have a $1000 based on 40 prize fund, higher than last years $650 based on 40 prize fund and the normal prize fund for the Spring, Summer, and Winter Opens but lower than the $1300 guaranteed prize fund for the Fall Open in 2015 when the club lost money on the tournament. This year’s edition was run by Mike Janniro with assistance at registration from Lennart Bjorksten, who also played in the event, and Mike Lilly. There were thirty-two players. The seventeen player Open section finished in a fie way tie for first with 3.5/5 between NM Matt Zavortink, Owen McCoy (from Eugene), NM William Lapham, NM Lennart Bjorksten, and Ethan Wu. They split the 1st, 2nd, and 1st U2000 prizes, each winning $84. At this tournament the top Oregon finisher, on tiebreaks if necessary, qualifies for the Oregon Invitational Tournament. Since there was a tie for the top finishing Oregon resident, if the player who qualifies for the Invitational based on tiebreaks ends up qualifying for and playing in the higher level State Championship, which runs alongside the Invitational, then the next highest player on tiebreaks qualifies for the Invitational, etc. The order of tiereaks among the four Oregon residents who tied for first are 1. Matt, 2. Lennart, 3. Owen, 4. Ethan. Matt has already qualified for the higher level State Championship for being the current Oregon State Champion. Lennart and Owen would certainly qualify for the Invitational anyway based on rating and may even qualify for the State Championship. Ethan may qualify for the Invitational anyway based on rating. Chase Jamieson added around 45 points to his provisional rating in the Open section. Konner Feldman and Eric Erard tied for first in the fifteen player Reserve, U1800, section with 4/5. They drew their match-up in round 2. They split the first and second place prizes, each winning $100. Eric also gained around 70 rating points and achieved the 3rd Category Title by achieving his 5th, 3rd Category norm. Michael Schuff won the 1st U1600 prize with 3.5/5, winning $60, gaining around 190 rating points, and achieving a new peak rating. Havish Sripada won the 1st U1400 prize with 3/5, winning $60, gaining around 35 rating points, and achieving a new peak rating. Pierre-Hadrien Beauchet won the 1st U1200/unrated prize of $60 with 2/5. One other player would have split in the 1st U1200/unrated prize but he withdrew from the tournament for the last round and thus is ineligible for prizes based on PCC policy and the US Chess ruleook recommendation for failing to complete the tournament. There was one player playing in this first US Chess rated tournament, Yufeng, Ren.

Sunday Quads (October 22): This month’s edition was a week later than usual to avoid competing with the National Chess Day-Portland Fall Open (the first day of the Portland Fall Open is now always on the second Saturday in October which is when National Chess Day is currently celebrated and the second day of the Portland Fall Open happened to be the third Sunday in October this year which bumped the Sunday Quads from it’s usual spot on the third Sunday in the month to the fourth Sunday). The tournament was run by Micah Smith with assistance during registration from Thomas Rolfs, who also played in the event. There were fourteen players in two quads and a six player Swiss. The Swiss was made up of the lowest six rated players as that was the best way to break up the sections in terms of ratings. Andrea Botez won Quad 1 with a perfect 3-0, gaining around 40 rating points and achieving a new peak rating. She won a book and was also eligible to select a trophy as a scholastic player who won her section with 3 points but declined. Ian Fudalla won quad 2 with 2/3. He declined to take a book. Ryan Zhang won the Swiss with a perfect 3-0, adding around 70 points to his provisional rating and achieving a new peak provisional rating. He won a book and a trophy. Pace Lykins, Perry Rachmuth, and Ethan Tran tied for second in the Swiss with 2/3. Pace and Perry also each gained around 70 rating points and for Perry this gave him a new peak rating. Note that next month’s Sunday Quads is on November 12, a week earlier than usual.

Portland Chess Club Championship (September 26-October 24): The annual Portland Chess Club Championship, which is open to all PCC members, usually takes place in October (sometimes starting the last Tuesday in September if there are only four Tuesdays in October or to avoid playing on Halloween as was the case this year) in place of the Tuesday Quads. Mike Morris ran this year’s club championship in addition to playing in the event. There were twenty players which edges out last years turnout of eighteen players for record attendance for the club championship dating back to at least 1992 which is the earliest the results of the club championship are available on the US Chess website. The field was very strong with eleven players rated 1900+. NM Jason Cigan swept the field with a perfect 5-0. He won $50 and gets his name inscribed on the Club Champions Plaque. NM Lennart Bjorksten, NM Mike Janniro, and NM Phil Seitzer tied for second with 3.5/5. Brian Berger and Chad Lykins split the $25 1st U1800/unrated prize with 2.5/5. Chad also gained around 110 rating points and achieved a new peak rating while Brian gained around 55 points.

Game in 60 (October 28): This month’s edition was run by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance from Mike Hasuike, who also played as a house player in rounds 2 and 3, the rounds where there were an odd number of players. There were twenty-eight players so the tournament was run in one section. Michael Moore, from Corvallis, swept the field with a perfect 4-0, winning $84 and gaining around 50 rating points. Gavin Zhang finished second with 3.5/4 and won $56. Sean Uan-Zo-Li, Brian Berger, and Masakazu Shimada tied for third with 3/4. They split the third and 1st U1800/unrated prizes, each winning $30.33. Masakazu also gained around 60 rating points. Neena Feldman and Havish Sripada split the 1st U1500/unrated prize with 2.5/4, each taking home $24.50. Neena also gained around 105 rating points while Havish gained around 85 points and they also both achieved new peak ratings in the process. Other big rating gains were achieved by Mir-Yusef Langroodi (around 110 points to his provisional rating and a new peak provisional rating) and Pierre-Hadrien Beauchet (around 50 rating points and a new peak rating). Note that next month’s Game in 60 is on November 18, a week earlier than usual.