Tournament Reports

October 2016

National Chess Day-Portland Fall Open (October 8-9): For the past several years, the PCC has put the annual Portland Fall Open on the weekend that coincides with National Chess Day. National chess day is currently celebrated on the second Saturday in October. This year’s edition got thirty-four players and was run by Mike Janniro with assistance at registration from Mike Morris. Matt Zavortink won the sixteen player Open section with 4.5/5 and won $127.50. As the top Oregon finisher, Matt qualifies for the Oregon Invitational Tournament (however, he certainly would have qualified for the Invitational anyway based on rating and may even qualify for the higher level State Championship which runs alongside the Invitational). FM Nick Raptis finished section with 4/5 and won $85. Danny Phipps and Daniel Friesen split the U2000 prize with 3/5, each winning $32. Daniel also gained around 50 rating points, achieved a new peak rating, and achieved his 5th, 2nd Category norm and thus was awarded the 2nd Category title (his performance was good enough that he also achieved a 1st Category norm as well). Konner Feldman and Jeremy Le Grove tied for first in the eighteen player Reserve (U1800) section with 4/5, with Jeremy winning their game on the last round. They split the 1st and second place prizes, each winning $75. Jeremy also gained around 55 rating points and achieved a new peak rating. Mike Hausike won the U1600 prize of $42.50 with 3.5/5. Ian Fudalla and Ethan Zhang split the U1400 and U1200/unrated prizes with 3/5, each winning $42.50. Ethan also gained around 125 rating points and achieved a new peak rating while Ian gained around 50. Other big rating gains in the reserve section were achieved by Zoey Tang (around 140 points to her provisional rating), Kevin Wu (around 135 points to his provisional rating), and Abbie Wu (around 70 points to her provisional rating).

Quad 45 (October 15): This month’s edition was run by Micah Smith with assistance at registration from Mike Janniro, who also played in the event. The tournament got sixteen players, which isn’t a bad turnout considering: 1) the OSCF All-Stars Invitational, which attracts most of top scholastic players in the state, was the day before (see the links page here for more on the OSCF and the OSCF All-Stars tournament). The Quad 45 only got four scholastic player, three of whom had played in the All-Stars the day before. We were unable to avoid conflicting with the All-Stars tournament. 2) The poor weather with heavy rain and strong wind gusts (and the weather even caused the power to go out at the club for a few seconds during round two). There normally would have been four quads but the last two quads were combined into an eight player Swiss to try and avoid brother and sister Kevin and Abbie Wu from being forced to play each other. Due to the two quads being combined, the top two finishers receive the $10 discounted entry into one of the next three Quad 45 or Tuesday Quad tournaments, a book, and a trophy or medal if they are a scholastic player. For the third straight month (and only times at the Quad 45) there were three players in the top quad who were 2000+. FM Nick Raptis, NM Phil Seitzer, and NM Mike Janniro tied for first in quad 1 with 2/3. Unfortunately Nick had an emergency due to the weather and had to withdraw after round 2. Due to withdrawing, he is ineligible for prizes under PCC policy and the US Chess rulebook recommendation for failing to complete the tournament. Thus, Phil and Mike split the $10 discounted entry prize between themselves. They also both won books. Andrea Botez and Nick Lafond tied for first in quad two with 2/3, with Nick winning their game in round 3. Andrea won her section at the Quad 45 for the second straight month while Nick continued his streak of never having lost a game at the Quad 45 (although he did break his perfect 6-0 record by drawing two games). They split the $10 discounted entry prize and both won books. Andrea was also eligible to receive a medal as a scholastic player but declined. James Tsai won the Swiss with a perfect 3-0, gaining around 45 rating points and winning the $10 discounted entry and a book. Brian Berger and Ian Fudalla tied for second with 2/3. Ian also gained around 70 rating points and achieved a new peak rating. They split the $10 discounted entry. Brian declined to take a book and allowed Ian to take two books. Pierre-Hadrien Beauchet added around 110 points to his provisional rating in the Swiss. Note that next month’s Quad 45 is on the second Saturday, November 12, a week earlier than usual.

Portland Chess Club Championship (September 27-October 25): The annual Portland Chess Club Championship, which is open to all PCC members, usually takes place in October (sometimes starting the last Tuesday in September if there are only four Tuesdays in October as was the case this year) in place of the Tuesday Quads. Mike Morris ran this year’s club championship in addition to playing in the event. There were eighteen players which is record attendance for the club championship dating back to at least 1992 which is the earliest the results of the club championship are available on the US Chess website. The field was very strong with twelve players rated 1900+. FM Nick Raptis won with a perfect 5-0 and got his rating back over 2400. He won $50 and gets his name inscribed on the Club Champions Plaque. It’s the eighth time Nick has at least tied for first in the Club Championship! Karl Cosner finished second with 4/5 and gained around 75 rating points which was enough to achieve a new peak rating. Greg Markowski won the U1800/unrated prize of $25 with 2.5/5. Other big rating gains were achieved by Kevin Wu (around 60 points, enough to achieve a new peak rating) and Steve Martin (around 55 points to his provisional rating).

Game in 60 (October 29): This month’s edition was run by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance from Mike Janniro at registration. There were twenty-three players so it was run in one section. The slightly lower attendance than usual was probably mostly due to competition of the “Clackamas K-12 Open” scholastic tournament. Matt Zavortink won for the second straight month with a perfect 4-0, this time winning $69. Moshe Rachmuth, Gavin Zhang, Jeremy Le Grove, and Colin Liu tied for second with 3/4. They split the second, third, and U1800/unrated prizes, each taking home $30.18. Colin also gained around 60 rating points. Kyle Liu won the U1500/unrated prize of $40.25 with 2.5/4 and gained around 95 rating points. Michael Moore achieved his 5th, 3rd Category norm and thus was awarded the 3rd Category title. Other big rating gains were achieved by Masakazu Shimada (around 90 points), Abbie Wu (around 85 points), and Jerrold Richards (around 45 points, enough to achieve a new peak rating). Note that next month’s Game in 60 is on the second to last Saturday, November 19, a week earlier than usual.