Tournament Reports

October 2015

National Chess Day-Portland Fall Open (October 10-11): For the past several years, the PCC has put the annual Portland Fall Open on the weekend that coincides with National Chess Day and given out a big guaranteed prize fund ($1300 this year). National chess day is currently celebrated on the second Saturday in October. This years tournament had twenty-eight players, coincidentally fourteen in each section, and was run by Mike Janniro with assistance from Lennart Bjorksten, who also played in the event. Starting with this year’s Summer Open we made a good change to allow a half point bye in round five (instead of just two half point byes for rounds 1-4) at the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Opens to accommodate those who can’t play round the last round (all of our other tournaments that allow half point byes were already currently allowing one for the last round). One player took a bye on the last round (and he also took a bye on round four since he couldn’t play on Sunday at all). FM Nick Raptis and Seth Talyansky split the first and second place prizes in the Open section with 4/5, each taking home $250. Seth beat Nick in round 4 in addition to beating a National Master and gaining over 60 rating points, which put his rating over 2100 for the first time. If the rumors are true that Nick has moved to Vancouver, then Seth qualifies for the Oregon Invitational Tournament as the highest finishing Oregon resident. However, Seth would have certainly gotten into the invitational anyway based on rating and may even qualify for the state championship which runs alongside the invitational. Dagadu Gaikwad won the U2000 prize of $100 with 3/5 and gained around 40 rating points which was more than enough to achieve a new peak rating. Gavin Zhang achieved his 5th 2nd category norm and thus was awarded the 2nd category title. Roland Eagles, who won the reserve section of the Summer Open (see the July 2015 archives), tied for first in the Reserve (U1800) section with fast improving 3rd grader Eric Erard, who he beat in round 4. They split the first and second place prizes with 4/5, each winning $175. Roland also achieved his 5th 2nd category norm and thus was awarded the 2nd category title. Eric added over 100 points to his provisional rating. Brian Berger won the $100 U1600 prize with 3/5. Jerrold Richards won the $100 U1400 prize with 2.5/5. Alejandro McClain, from Eugene, won the $100 U1200/unrated prize with 1.5/5 and added around 100 points to his provisional rating. For the last several years, the tournament hasn’t gotten as many scholastic players as most of our other 2-day tournaments generally have to the fact that the OSCF All-Stars tournament has been on the Friday right before the Fall Open. We will work with the OSCF to try and avoid this conflict in the future.

Quad 45 (October 17): This months edition, directed as always by Micah Smith, had eleven players and was split into a quad with the top four players and a 3-round Swiss with the remaining seven players. Thanks goes to Brian Berger for helping out with registration for the third straight month. Jason Cigan swept the quad with a perfect 3-0. Nathan Wonder, who hadn’t played in a US Chess rated tournament since 2000 when he was a scholastic player, swept the Swiss with a perfect 3-0 and gained over 150 rating points, showing he is currently much stronger than his old 1060 rating indicated. Jonathan Hurkett, who was playing in his first US Chess rated tournament, and Robert Bowden tied for second in the Swiss with 2/3.

Saturday Blitz (October 17): With only three players, the entry fee was waived and Micah Smith played as a house player. It was run as a 5-round double Swiss, with each player playing one opponent twice and two opponents four times. Micah won the event with 9.5/10. Since Micah played as a house player, he is ineligible for prizes and second place finisher Gunther Jacobi, with 6.5/10, wins the $5 discounted entry into one of the next six Saturday Blitz tournaments.

Game in 60 (October 24): This months Game in 60 was a week earlier than usual to avoid competing with the Oregon Class Championships on October 31-November 1. It was directed by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance at registration from Mike Morris. There were eighteen players so it was run in one section. FM Nick Raptis swept the field with a perfect 4-0, winning $54. Charles Hill, who recently relocated to the area from Texas, finished second with 3.5/4, winning $36. Dagadu Gaikwad and David Murray tied for third with 3/4, each pocketing $13.50. Roland Eagles won the U1800/unrated prize with 2.5/4, winning $31.50. Jonathan Hurkett, who added several hundred rating points to his provisional rating, and Javkhlantugs Nyamdorj split the U1500/unrated prize with 2/4, each pocketing $15.75. After gaining over 150 rating points from the Quad 45 the previous week, Nathan Wonder added around 60 more points to his rating.

Portland Chess Club Championship (Sept 29-Oct 29): The annual Portland Chess Club Championship, which is open to all PCC members, usually takes place in October (sometimes starting the last Tuesday in September if there are only four Tuesdays in October as was the case this year) in place of the Tuesday Quads. In addition to running the event, Mike Morris, PCC life member and long time board member, won the event with 4.5/5 and gaining around 70 rating points. He won $50 and gets his name inscribed on the Club Champions Plaque. FM Nick Raptis finished second with 4/5. Roland Eagles won the $25 U1800 prize with 3/5 and gained around 65 rating points.