Tournament Reports

November 2016

Oregon Class Championships (November 5-6): For the fourth straight year, the Oregon Class Championships were held at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Portland (same site as the Oregon Open). It was sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation and directed by Grisha Alpernas with assistance from Mike Morris. Several good changes were made to this year’s Class Championships. 1) The time control on the second day was reduced from 40/120,SD/60;d5 to 40/120,SD/30;d5 so there wouldn’t be two, 6-hour games in one day and 24+ hours of chess in two days. It also allowed the first round on Sunday to be scheduled to start later and the second round to be scheduled to start earlier and not go as late. 2) Player’s were allowed to play up one section (for an additional fee of $10). Some players won’t even play in a tournament if they are not allowed to play up so allowing players to play up can help attendance. For the past four years, players were not allowed to play up at the Class Championships. Forty-two players came out for this year’s tournament. The WCF sponsored Vancouver Open was two weeks before the Class Championships and this may have been the main reason why the Oregon Class attendance was lower than the first two year’s the Class Championships were held at the DoubleTree. There weren’t enough players in Class B to have a separate section so it was combined with Class C. The based on prize fund was separate for each section except with the Class B and C sections being combined, the prize fund for these two sections were combined and split evenly and there were prizes for the top three overall ($140-70-35) and the top three rated Under 1600 ($140-70-35). LM Carl Haessler won the eight player Master/Expert (2000+) section with 4/5 and won $160. As the top Oregon finisher, Carl qualifies for the Oregon State Championship. However, he has already qualified for being the current Oregon State Champion. Jerry Sherrard finished second with 3.5/5, winning $80 and gaining around 55 rating points which was enough to achieve a new peak rating. As the second highest finishing Oregon resident, Jerry qualifies for the Oregon Invitational Tournament. However, he definitely would have qualified for the Invitational anyway based on rating and may even qualify for the higher level State Championship, which runs alongside the Invitational. NM Lennart Bjorksten and Danny Phipps, who played up in the Master/Expert section, tied for third with 3/5, each pocketing $20. Joshua Grabinsky, from Coquille, won the ten player Class A (1800-1999) section and won $200. Brent Baxter, from Olympia, finished section with 3.5/5 and won $100. Moshe Rachmuth and Josiah Perkins, from Coquille, tied for third with 3/5, each pocketing $25. Isaac Vega won the fourteen player combined Class B (1600-1799) and Class C (1400-1599) section with 4.5, winning $140 and gaining around 60 rating points which was enough to achieve a new peak rating. Chopon Babu, who is visiting from India, finished second with 4/5 and won $70. Jack McClain and Jonathan Hurkett tied for third with 3/5. They split the first and second U1600 prizes, each winning $105. Johnathan also gained around 55 rating points. Rajesh Shanmukam (from the Seattle area), Sean Uan-Zo-Li, Ethan Zhang, and Anirudh Rajesh (from the Seattle area) split the third and third U1600 prizes, each pocketing $17.50 each. One other player would have shared in this prize but he withdrew from the tournament which makes him ineligible for prizes based on OCF policy and the US Chess rulebook recommendation for failing to complete the tournament. Anirudh also gained around 100 rating points while Ethan gained around 90 rating points which was good enough for both of these players to achieve new peak ratings. Nathaniel Tan won the ten player U1400 section with 4.5/5, winning $200 and gaining around 340 rating points! Ian Fudalla finished second with 4/5 and won $100. Harry Buerer finished third with 3/5 and won $50. Other big rating gains and neak peak ratings in the U1400 section were achieved by Ethan Truong (around 115 points) and Zoey Tang (around 50 points to her provisional rating).

Quad 45 (November 12): This month’s Quad 45 and Game in 60 were both moved up a week to avoid competing with the Washington Class Championships over Thanksgiving weekend. Micah Smith was the chief TD for the Quad 45 and was assisted by Mike Janniro at registration. There were fourteen players, eleven of whom were scholastic players, and were split into two quads and a six player Swiss. The middle six players was made the Swiss to try and avoid some family members from playing. This also made the sections as even as possible in terms of rating. Noah Fields, from Tacoma, won Quad 1 with a perfect 3-0. He won a book and was eligible to select among the bigger trophies we award to scholastic players who win their section with 3-0 but instead chose to take one of the smaller trophies we award to scholastic players who win or tie for first with 2.5. Despite being the lowest rated player in the Swiss, Kevin Wu won it with a perfect 3-0. He gained around 195 rating points, more than enough to achieve a new peak rating, and won a book and a trophy. Brian Berger and Ian Fudalla tied for second in the Swiss with 2. Erin Cheng and Abbie Wu tied for first in Quad 2 with 2/3, with Erin winning their matchup in round 3. They both won books as well as medals for being scholastic players who won their section with 2. Liam Lancaster gained around 60 rating points in Quad 2. Note that next month’s Quad 45 is on December 3, two weeks earlier than usual.

Tuesday Quads (November 1-15): This month’s edition was run by Mike Morris and got a good turnout of twelve players. It was split into three quads and there was a perfect 3-0 in each section. NM Lennart Bjorksten won the upper quad and gained around 50 rating points. Jerry Sherrard won the middle quad and got his rating above 2100 for the first time. Arliss Dietz won the lower quad and gained around 35 rating points. Steve Martin added around 100 points to his provisional rating in the lower quad.

Game in 60 (November 19): This month’s edition was run by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance from Mike Morris. Lennart also played an extra game against the two players who received a full-point bye. There were twenty-two players so it was run in one section. FM Steven Breckenridge won with a perfect 4-0 and won $66. Ryan Richardson finished second with 3.5/4 and won $44. Gavin Zhang, Konner Feldman, and Eric Erard tied for third with 3/4. Gavin took home the third place prize of $33 while Konner and Eric split the U1800/unrated and U1500/unrated prizes, each winning $38.50. Eric also gained around 170 rating points. Other big rating gains were achieved by Jon Strohbehn (around 85 points) and Sean Uan-Zo-Li (around 40 points). Will Holloran achieved his 5th, 4th Category norm and thus was awarded the 4th Category title. Note that next month’s Game in 60 is on December 17, two weeks earlier than usual.