Tournament Reports

November 2015

Oregon Class Championships (October 31-November 1): For the third straight year, the Oregon Class Championships were held at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Portland (same site as the Oregon Open). It was sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation and directed by Grisha Alpernas with assistance from Mike Morris. The tournament was dedicated to the memory of Richard Gutman, who passed away on July 25. Richard was an expert player who had been part of the Portland and Northwest chess scene for decades. He tied for first at the Oregon Open in 2013 and played in the Oregon State Championship many times. There was a short remembrance for him before the tournament began. This years tournament got thirty-nine players, down by around twenty players over the last two years. The lower attendance was probably due mostly to the fact that the tournament conflicted with Halloween, which the Oregon Chess Federation is looking to avoid in the future. FM Nick Raptis won the Master/Expert (2000+) section with a perfect 5-0, winning $140. Jose Gatica finished second with 3.5/5, winning $70, gaining over 60 rating points, and achieving a new peak rating. Jason Cigan finished third with 2.5/5 and won $35. The tournament was a qualifier for the Oregon State Championship and Oregon Invitational tournament with the highest finishing Oregon resident (on tiebreak if necessary) qualifying for the state championship and the second highest finishing Oregon resident (on tiebreak if necessary) qualifying for the Oregon Invitational Tournament. If the rumors are true that Nick has moved to Vancouver, then Jose Gatica qualifies for the state championship as the highest Oregon finisher and Jason Cigan qualifies for the invitational as the second highest Oregon finisher. However, Jason will likely qualify for the state championship, which runs alongside the invitational, based on rating and Jose may as well. Brent Baxter, from Olympia, won the Class A (1800-1999) section with 4/5, winning $180. Dagadu Gaikwad and Moshe Rachmuth, who gained around 40 rating points, split the second and third place prizes with 3.5/5, each winning $67.50. Unfortunately, this was the last local tournament for Dagadu as he is moving to Arizona. Dagadu has been a regular at tournaments in Portland over the last several years. We’ve all enjoyed having Dagadu at tournaments and hope he will be able to visit and play locally again soon. Mu Lin won the Class B (1600-1799) section with 4.5/5, taking a half point bye on round 3. He won $120, gained over 100 rating points, achieved a new peak rating, and achieved his 5th 2nd category norm which gave him the 2nd category title. Karl Wallulus finished second with 3.5/5, winning $60, gaining almost 50 rating points, and achieving a new peak rating. Lon Brusselback finished 3rd with 3/5, winning $30. Artjom Menkov, a scholastic player from the Seattle area, won the Class C (1500-1699) section with 4/5, winning $140, gaining almost 50 rating points, and achieving a new peak rating. Brian Berger finished second with 3.5/5, winning $70 and gaining over 40 rating points. Michael Moore and Sean Zlatnik, from Corvallis, tied for third with 3/5, each winning $17.50. Michael also achieved his 5th, 4th category norm and thus was awarded the 4th category title. Kushal Pai won the U1400 section with 4.5/5, winning $200, gaining almost 100 rating points which was enough to achieve a new peak rating. Michael Munsey, from Tacoma, Sean Uan-zo-li, A. George Stewart, and David Prideaux, who gained around 45 rating points, split the second and third place prizes with 3.5/5, each winning $37.50.

Quad 45 (November 14): The months Quad 45, Saturday Blitz, and Game in 60 were bumped up a week so we wouldn’t compete with the Washington Class Championships over Thanksgiving weekend. After three months away due to health issues, Mike Lilly was able to return in assisting Micah Smith in running this tournament. There were eleven players and Micah Smith played as a house player to make it an even number and avoid byes. There were two boxes of chess books donated to the club to give out as prizes as tournaments and we have decided, while the supplies lasts, to award a book to anyone who wins or ties for first in their section at the Quad 45 as an extra prize. There would have been three quads but the bottom two quads were combined into an eight player Swiss to try and avoid some family members from playing. Since the bottom section had eight players, the top two finishers would both receive the $10 discounted entry, book, and a trophy or medal if they are scholastic players. Micah Smith won the quad with a perfect 3-0. Since he played as a house player, second place finisher Gerald Weaver won the $10 discount into one of the next three Quad 45 or Tuesday Quads and a book. Byron Wong won the Swiss with a perfect 3-0. Unfortunately, we had to pair him with his 4th grade son in the last round since there were the only two players at 2-0. Jack Johnson, who was playing in his first tournament, and Egan Wong, who gained over 100 rating points, tied for second in the Swiss with 2/3. Egan won a medal as a scholastic player. The blitz side event did not get enough players and thus was not held.

Tuesday Quads (November 3-17): This month’s edition got a nice turnout of twelve players and was split into three quads. Brian Esler won the very difficult upper quad with 2.5/3. Steve Surak won the middle quad with a perfect 3-0. Brian Berger won the lower quad with a perfect 3-0 and gained around 40 rating points.

Game in 60 (November 21): This months edition was run by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance from Mike Lilly. Lennart has stepped up and become the regular chief TD of the Game in 60. There were twenty-seven players so it was run in one section. FM Nick Raptis swept the field as usual with a perfect 4-0 and won $81. Steve Surak finished second with 3.5/4 and won $54. There was a six way tie for third place between Jason Cigan, David Murray, Gerald Weaver, Danny Phipps, Jon Strohbehn, and Jack McClain. Jason, David, Gerald, and Danny split the third place prize of $40.50 four ways while Jack, from Eugene, took the U1800/unrated prize of $47.50 and Jon took the U1500/unrated prize of $47.50. Jon also gained around 170 rating points and achieved the 2nd category title by earning his 5th 2nd category norm (his performance was good enough that he achieved a 1st category norm as well). David Roshu gained around 60 rating points, which included a win against a player over 600 points higher rated. Megan Cheng did even better, gaining around 175 rating points which included beating one player around 575 points higher rated and another player around 700 points higher rated!