Tournament Reports

May 2016

Quad 45 (May 7): This month’s edition was run by Micah Smith with assistance from Mike Lilly and was two weeks earlier than usual to avoid competing with the Rose City Sectionals and Game in 60. There were ten players and was split into a quad and a six-player Swiss. Having the top four players in the quad and the bottom six players in the Swiss made the sections overall more even in terms of rating. We expected attendance to be lower than usual due to the fact that is was a week after the OSCF State Championship and a week before the Rose City Sectionals, two major Oregon tournaments. Ethan Wu and Chris Burris tied for first in the quad with 2/3. Chris won their matchup in round 3. They both won a book and Ethan also won a medal as a scholastic player. James Bean won the Swiss with a perfect 3-0 and won a book. James Tsai finished second with 2.5. There was one player playing in his first ever tournament, Wesley Garretson. Starting next month the delay on the time control for the Quad 45 will increase from 10 to 15 seconds. We kept it 10 this month since the tournament had already been advertised with 10 for a while when we decided to change from 10 to 15. There were several reasons why we decided to expand the delay. A higher percentage of games at the Quad 45 get into time pressure compared to most other PCC tournaments (which is in large part due to the faster time control but also because one is often playing similarly rated opponents which usually makes the games more competitive and likely to go on longer) so the expansion in the delay will help mitigate the time pressure better and give each player a few more minutes of overall time for the game but it will still overall be a faster time control like it’s meant to be. Also, the Game in 60 remains quite a bit more popular than the Quad 45 and we think one of the main reasons is because of the slower time control. Expanding the Quad 45 time control will make it closer to the Game in 60 time control but still be slightly faster and different like it’s meant to be. (By the way, GM David Bronstein was the originator of the idea of delay and suggested a 15 second delay be used.). Starting next month the scheduled round times are also changing from 10am, 12pm, and 2pm to 10am, 12:15pm, and 2:30pm. The new round times compensate for the increase in the delay and should also generally give players a little extra time off in between the rounds. The blitz side event did not get enough players and thus was not held.

2nd Annual Rose City Sectionals (May 14-15): This year’s tournament, run by Micah Smith with assistance from Mike Lilly, got forty players, a nice increase over the twenty-five players the tournament got last year. There were several additions made to this year’s event. The main additions were: 1) adding a U2100 prize in the Open section and a U1100 prize in the U1300 section (the Open and U1300 sections have bigger ranges in rating compared to the other sections so we added these prizes to give lower rated players in these sections a better chance of winning a prize), 2) making it a Northwest Chess Grand Prix event (the reason we decided to make it a Grand Prix event was essentially the same as why we decided to make the Quad 45 a Grand Prix event, see the January Quad 45 report in the archives), 3) rating the event in the NWSRS (mainly as an extra incentive for scholastic players to play), and 4) expanding the time control from G/120;d10 to G/120;d15 (to help mitigate time pressure and give each player overall a few more minutes for their games. The fifteen second delay worked well as there were no major time scrambles). The tournament was scheduled two weeks after the OSCF State Championship instead of one week like last year so there wouldn’t be two major Oregon tournaments on back to back weekends and the tournament got a couple more scholastic players this year. Geoff Kenway was the only player in the U1500 section and he agreed to play in the U1700 section. As the only player in the U1500 section, he was guaranteed to win the 1st U1500 prize as long as he didn’t withdraw or forfeit (under PCC policy and the US Chess rulebook recommendation, players who withdraw or forfeit are not eligible for prizes). With nobody eligible for the $75 2nd U1500 prize, we decided to distribute this money among the other prizes, increasing the first place prizes in the Open, U1900, U1700, and U1500 sections by $10 and the rest of the prizes by $5. We thank H G Pitre for offering to move from the U1900 section to the Open section so both of those sections would have an even number of players. Last year the Open section only had four players so we had to combine it with the U1900 section. This year, the Open section was the biggest section with twelve players. Karl Cosner, a player who relocated to the area and recently began playing again, won the Open section with 3.5/4, winning $170 and gaining around 85 rating points. Eric Pacini, who was playing in his first event in around three years, finished second with 3/4, winning $115 and adding around 55 rating points to his provisional rating which was enough to put his rating above 2000 for the first time. Mike Morris and H G Pitre, from Seattle, split the U2100 prize with 2.5/4, each winning $32.50. H G also added around 50 rating points to his rating. Moshe Rachmuth won the eight player U1900 section with 3.5/4, winning $155 and achieving a new established peak rating. Nicholas Hawkins, who came to the tournament all the way from Idaho, finished second with 3/4, winning $100, achieving a new peak rating, and was awarded the 2nd category title for achieving his 5th 2nd category norm. Brian Berger got his rating over 1700 for the first time and also was awarded the 2nd category title for achieving his 5th 2nd category norm. Gregory Markowski, Michael Hasuike, and Michael Olson tied for first in the ten player U1700 section with 3/4, all drawing each other. They split the 1st and 2nd place prizes, each winning $78.50. Michael Hasuike also gained around 90 rating points while Gregory got his rating over 1600 for the first time and has now gained rating points in five straight events which has given him around a 135 rating gain over the last three months. Geoff Kenway didn’t withdraw or forfeit and thus won the 1st 1500 prize of $135. He finished with 2/4. Roshen Nair, an up and coming scholastic player who was playing in his first PCC and “adult” tournament, won the ten player U1300 section with 3.5/4, winning $115 and got to pick from a wide variety of trophies as a scholastic player who won money (any scholastic player who placed or tied for 2nd got to pick from a portion of the trophies and any scholastic player won won or tied for first (including the 1st U2100 and 1st U1100 prizes) got to pick from all the trophies). Christopher Alfred, who currently lives in the Eugene area and was playing in his first US Chess rated tournament in over seventeen years (when he was a scholastic player), finished second with 3/4, winning $65 and gaining around 175 rating points, clearly showing he has improved a lot in the seventeen years. Denis Gurcan, who was playing in his first US Chess rated event, won the U1100 prize with 1/4, winning $45 and got to pick from all the trophies as a scholastic player who won first in his category. Two other players would have shared in the U1100 prize if they hadn’t withdrawn and forfeited. There was one other player playing in his first US Chess rated event, Henry Westlund. We hope to continue to grow and improve this tournament and make it one of the premier PCC events each year.

Game in 60 (May 21): This months edition, which was a week earlier than usual to avoid competing with the Washington Open, was run by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance from Steven Deeth and Mike Lilly. There were fifteen players so it was run in one section. FM Nick Raptis swept the field with a perfect 4-0 and won $45. Jason Cigan, Phil Seitzer, and Alex Grom tied for second with 3/4 and split the second and third place prizes, each winning $17.50. Chris Burris won the U1800/unrated prize of $26.25 with 2.5/4. Max Moore-Billings, who was playing in his first US Chess rated event, was the only player eligible for the U1500/unrated prize and thus won the prize and took home $26.25.

Tuesday Quads (May 3-31): This months edition was run by Mike Lilly who also played in the event. It got sixteen players, tied with the April 2012 edition for record attendance for the Tuesday Quads! Due to the spread of the ratings and to take advantage of the five Tuesdays in May, it was split into an upper quad and two six-player round robins. FM Nick Raptis won the very strong upper quad with 2.5/3. NM Mike Janniro, long time PCC board member, won the strong middle section with 4/5. NM Robert Hamm finished second with 3/5. Arliss Dietz won the lower section with 4/5 and gained around 65 rating points. Brian Berger, Greg Markowski, and Hugo Hartig tied for second with 3/5.