Tournament Reports

May 2015

1st Annual Rose City Sectionals (May 2-3): Micah Smith came up with the idea for this new tournament and there were several ideas behind adding it. All of the longer time control tournaments that we (the PCC) were currently running were either one section or Open and U1800 except for the Tuesday Quads. We thought it would be good to add a longer time control tournament on the weekend that included multiple sections for lower rated players and a U1900 section so players rated in the 1800’s would no longer always be at the bottom of the Open section. One reason for having the sections at Open, U1900, U1700, U1500, U1300 and allowing players to play up is that it switches it up from the Oregon Class Championships which has sections at the traditional 200 point class cutoffs and currently does not allow playing up. Another reason for the Open, U1900, U1700, U1500, U1300 format is that we don’t currently have any other tournaments with sections and these cutoffs and only have a few tournaments with prizes at some of these cutoffs. Another reason for the tournament was to have a 2-day tournament with a different round/time control structure. We decided to have two rounds on the first day instead of three like we do for all of our other two-day tournaments. Some players expressed interest in having only two rounds on the first day since 3, 4-hour+ games that we currently have at all our other 2-day tournaments can be a bit much. A good number of players take a half point bye for the third round on the first day anyway. Having only two rounds on the first day also allows a longer time control to be used without it being too much and we used G/120;d10 which is somewhat longer than the 40/90;SD/30;d5 used at most of our other 2-day tournaments. Twenty-five players competed in the first edition of this event, run by Micah Smith with assistance from Mike Lilly. With only four players in the Open section, it was combined with the U1900 section but the prizes remained separate. FM Nick Raptis, NM Lennart Bjorksten, Jason Cigan, and Chris Burris tied for first with 3/4. Nick, Lennart, and Jason, who all went 1-1 against each other, split the first and second place prizes in the Open, each taking home $56.25. Chris, who played up in the U1900 section, won $90.63 for 1st U1900 and gained around 100 rating points. David Murray, Dagadu Gaikwad, and Ethan Wu split the 2nd U1900 prize, each taking some $20. Ethan also won a trophy as a scholastic player. Gavin Zhang won the U1700 section with 3.5/4, winning $84.50 and a trophy as a scholastic player. Jerrold Richards, who played up in the U1700 section, won the second place prize of $53.25 with 2.5/4. With only thee players in the U1500 and four players in the U1300, these two sections were combined but prizes again remained separate. Nathan Lee topped the section with 3.5/4, including scoring 2.5/3 against the three players in the U1500 group. Nathan took home the 1st U1300 prize of $68.75, a trophy as a scholastic player, and over 160 extra rating points. Aaron Probst and Rakesh Rapolu tied for second with 3/4 and split the 1st and 2nd U1500 prizes. Aaron took home $62.50 and a trophy as a scholastic player. Rakesh graciously donated his $62.60 prize back to the club and took a trophy instead. Brother and sister Wesley Trieu and Grace Trieu, who were playing in their first PCC and “adult” tournament, split the 2nd U1300 prize with 2/4, each winning $18.75 and a trophy as scholastic players. We hope to increase turnout next year and not have to combine any sections. The event didn’t get that many scholastic players as most of our two day tournaments do since it was the week right after the OSCF State Championship. We will make sure the tournament isn’t the week before or after the OSCF State Championship in the future. We will also likely add some new features to the event.

Quad 45 (May 16): This months edition had eighteen players and was run, as always, by Micah Smith and Mike Lilly. It was split into three quads and one six player Swiss. The six player Swiss was made up of the players who were ranked 5-10 since this made the sections the most even in terms of rating as possible. FM Nick Raptis swept the top quad at 3-0. Karl Stump won the small Swiss with 2.5/3 and gained around 70 rating points. Cameron Kocher placed second with 2/3. Kyle Liu and Rohit Gupta tied for first in the second quad with 2.5/3, drawing each other in round 1. They both won medals as scholastic players. They both gained around 150 rating points and went from the 900s into the 1100s. Robert Bowden, Brad Larson, and Matthew Witt tied for first in the third quad with 2/3. They all went 1-1 against each other. Robert and Matthew won medals as scholastic players.

Saturday Blitz (May 16): This months edition had eight players so it was run as a 5-round double Swiss in one section. Seth Talyansky won with 8/10. We will try again next month to reach our goal of having at least eleven players so we can have multiple sections.

Tuesday Quads (May 5-26): Mike Lilly and Mike Morris ran this months Tuesday Quads. There were eight players in two quads. FM Nick Raptis swept the upper quad with a perfect 3-0. NM Lennart Bjorksten finished second with 2/3 and pushed his rating back over 2200, showing that previously reaching 2200 was no fluke. Brian Berger won the lower quad with 2.5/3.

Game in 60 (May 30): This month started a new era for the Game in 60 as we have a new policy whenever there are at least thirty players (See the Game in 60 ad for details). There were twenty-four players and was run by new TD’s Lennart Bjorksten and Jason Cigan with assistance from veteran TD Mike Morris in the morning. FM Nick Raptis (as usual) topped the field with a perfect 4-0, winning $72. Bill Schill, an FM from Seattle, Sean O’Connell, Joshua Standig, and Danny Phipps split the second and third place prizes with 3/4, each taking home $21. Roland Eagles and Masakazu Shimada split the U1800/unrated prize with 2.5/4, each winning $21. Aaron Probst, Jerrold Richards, and Marcus Leung split the U1500/unrated prize with 1.5/4, each pocketing $14.