Location and Directions

The club is located inside the Lloyd Center mall at Lloyd Center, Portland, OR 97232.

If you are driving, we strongly recommend that you use the parking structure at the corner of NE Halsey St. and NE 9th Ave. You can enter at the intersection of NE 10th and Halsey or from NE 9th if you are traveling North.

Once inside the garage, locate the circular ramp on the Northwest corner. Use this to drive all the way to the top floor (the roof), then drive to the far end where cars are usually parked. The entrance will take you into the food court, where you can head to the right to find the club on the same level. If you see a sign for Carrington College, continue in that direction and look for the Portland Chess Center on the right-hand side.

If you arrive early in the morning, this door on the top of the Halsey St. garage may be the only one that is unlocked. If you are arriving in the evening, be sure to enter the mall before 7pm. We can stay inside the mall after it closes, but cannot reenter.

Map of Lloyd Center