Tournament Reports

June 2016

Portland Summer Open (June 4-5): With the Newport June Open not being run this year, the Summer Open was moved from it’s traditional place in July and the Oregon Senior Open was moved from August to July. The main reason for moving these tournaments was so their wouldn’t be two state events where we hope to get more out-of-town players (the Oregon Senior Open and Oregon Open) as close to each other. This year’s Summer Open got a good turnout of forty players. NM Mike Janniro ran the tournament and played all three games as a house player on Saturday, and Mike Morris ran the tournament on Sunday. NM Steven Deeth helped out with registration in addition to playing in the tournament. Mike Lilly generously brought free Coke and Diet Coke both days due to the hot weather. FM Nick Raptis won the sixteen player Open section with 4/5 and won $150. NM Lennart Bjorksten, NM Steven Deeth, and Moshe Rachmuth tied for second with 3.5/5. Lennart and Steven split the second place prize, each taking home $50, and Moshe took the U2000 prize of $75 as well as improving upon his peak established rating he achieved at the Rose City Sectionals (see the May 2016 archives). As the top Oregon finisher (on tiebreaks), Lennart qualifies for the Oregon Invitational Tournament. However, he certainly would have qualified for the invitational anyway based on rating and will likely qualify for the higher level state championship which runs alongside the invitational. If he does qualify for and play in the state championship, then Steven will qualify for the invitational as the “tiebreak loser” but he too would have certainly qualified for the invitational anyway based on rating and may even qualify for the state championship. If Steven also qualifies and plays in the state championship, then Moshe qualifies for the invitational as the “tiebreak loser”. Michael Moore gained around 55 rating points and got an established rating above 1600 for the first time. Konner Feldman won the twenty-four player Reserve (U1800) section with 4.5/5, winning $100 and gaining around 240 rating points. Anthony Gold and Carter Lancaster tied for second with 4/5. They split the second and U1600 prizes, each taking home $62.50. Carter also gained around 215 rating points. Robert Bowden won the U1400 prize with 3/5, winning $50 and gaining around 145 rating points. Dan Warner, who was playing in this first US Chess rated event, won the U1200/unrated prize of $50 with 2/5. There was one other player playing in this first US Chess rated event, Steve Martin.

Quad 45 (June 18): This month’s edition was run by Micah Smith with assistance from Mike Lilly. There were fourteen players who were split into two quads and a six-player Swiss. The Swiss was made up of the lowest six players in an attempt to avoid family members from playing. Starting this month the delay on the time control was increased from 10 to 15 seconds. See last month’s Quad 45 report for the reasons we decided to expand the delay. Starting this month the scheduled round times are also changed from 10am, 12pm, and 2pm to 10am, 12:15pm, and 2:30pm. The new round times compensate for the increase in the delay and should also generally give players a little extra time off in between the rounds. Danny Phipps won the top quad with 2.5/3. He declined to take a book. Michael Hasuike won the second quad with 2.5/3, gaining around 65 rating points and winning a book. David Roshu won the Small Swiss with 2.5/3 winning a book and a small trophy as a scholastic player. Arliss Dietz and David Ma tied for second in the Small Swiss with 2. There was one player playing in his first US Chess rated event, Patrick Morrissey. The blitz side event did not get enough players and thus was not held. Note that next month Carl Haessler will be giving a simul after the Quad 45 in place of the Saturday Blitz. Click here for details.

Game in 60 (June 25): This month’s edition was run by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance from Danny Phipps, who also played in the event, and Mike Lilly. There were twenty-four players so it was run in one section. FM Nick Raptis swept the field as usual with a perfect 4-0 and won $72. Ryan Richardson finished second with 3.5/4 and won $48. Jason Cigan, Danny Phipps, and Jack Johnson tied for third with 3/4. Jason and Danny split the third place prize, each taking home $18, while Jack won the U1800/unrated prize of $42 and added around 165 rating points to his provisional rating. Carter Lancaster, Jerrold Richards, and David Ma split the U1500/unrated prize with 2/4, each taking home $14. David also added around 120 points to his rating which was more than enough for him to achieve a new peak rating. There was one player playing in his first US Chess rated event, Ian Fudalla.

Tuesday Quads (June 7-28): This month’s edition got a nice turnout of twelve players and was run by Mike Lilly, who also played in the event. Due to the spread in ratings and their being four Tuesdays in June, it was split into two four round, six-player Swisses. NM Steven Deeth won the upper section with 3.5/4 and gained around 45 rating points. Jason Cigan finished second with 3/4. Brian Berger won the lower section with a perfect 4/4 and gained over 100 rating points! Arliss Dietz finished second with 2.5/4.