Tournament Reports

June 2015

Quad 45 (June 20): Since January we have been awarding trophies, donated by Quad 45 chief TD Micah Smith, to any scholastic player who goes 3-0. The trophies were originally going to be for a limited time (until the donated supply ran out) but they have been very popular with the scholastic players that we have decided to continue awarding trophies permanently. This months edition, run as always by Micah Smith and Mike Lilly, got a good turnout of twenty-three players and was split into four quads and one seven player Swiss. Having the lowest seven players be the Swiss made the sections the most even in terms of rating. NM Michael Pendergast won the top quad with a perfect 3-0. After tying for first and gaining around 100 rating points at the 1st Annual Rose City Sectionals (see the May 2015 archives), Chris Burris swept the second quad and added another 40 points to his rating. Nathaniel John, the lowest rated player in the third quad, won it with 2.5/3, won a medal as a scholastic player, and added over 200 rating points to his provisional rating. Daniel Anderson, who was playing in his first PCC and “adult” tournament, won the fourth quad with a perfect 3-0 and won a trophy a scholastic player. Andrew Matteson and Daniel Guttman tied for first in the seven player Swiss with 2.5/3. They drew each other in round 3. There were four players who were playing in their first USCF rated tournament, Graciela Cruz, Hadrian Demaioribus, Carlos Ferrer-Perry, and Jeronimo Cruz.

Saturday Blitz: This months edition got twelve players, the most we’ve had for the Saturday Blitz so far. Since some players were recruited to play based on the chance of playing higher rated players, the tournament was played in one section instead of being split into two sections of six as would have otherwise been the case. Many of the players expressed an interest in using a two second increment instead of a two second delay. Since no one objected, we used two second increment. As far as we can tell, this is the first ever PCC tournament played with increment. FM Steven Breckenridge, who is some from College for the Summer, swept the field with a perfect 10-0. Seth Talyansky and Robert Herrera tied for second with 7/10.

Game in 60 (June 27): This months Game in 60 was run by Mike Janniro with assistance from Mike Morris. There were thirty-two players and was split into two sections of sixteen due to the new policy, started last month, of splitting the field into two sections at the midpoint of the registered players based on rating if there are at least thirty players. This made it the first Game in 60, which has been running for over 15 years, to have multiple sections. The upper section was incredibly strong at the top, with two players almost 2400, another player rated almost 2350, and a player in the 2200’s. FM Steven Breckenridge and FM Nick Raptis tied for first in the upper section with 3.5/4, drawing each other in round 3. They split the first and second place prizes, each winning $62. Steven also pushed his rating back over 2400. NM Aaron Grabinsky finished third with 3.4, taking home $25. Jazon Samillano topped the lower section with 3.5/4, winning $65 and gaining almost 80 rating points. Robert Allyn, Karl Stump, and Robert Bowden tied for second with 3/4. Robert and Karl split the second place prize, each pocketing $17.50, while Robert won the U1400/unrated prize of $50 and added over 250 rating points to his provisional rating. There were two players playing in their first USCF rated tournament, John Anderson and Dev Udata.

Tuesday Quads (June 2-30): Mike Lilly ran this months Tuesday Quads. There were eleven players and was split into a 6-player upper section and 5-player lower section. There were five Tuesdays in the month and both sections played five rounds (with everyone in the lower section getting a bye for one of the rounds). Jason Cigan topped the very difficult upper section with a perfect 5-0 and gained over 40 rating points. FM Nick Raptis finished second with 4/5 and pushed his rating back into the 2400’s. Brian Berger won the lower section with 4.5/5 and gained over 40 rating points. There was one player playing in his first USCF rated tournament, Colin Phelps.