Tournament Reports

July 2016

6th Annual Oregon Senior Open (July 9-10): For the second straight year, the tournament was held at the Portland Chess Club. It was sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation and run by Mike Morris. It was open to all those at least 50 years old on July 9, including out of state players. This year’s edition got a nice turnout of twenty-five players. LM Carl Haessler won for the third straight year, this time with 4.5/5. He won $125, free entry into next years Oregon Senior Open, and gets his name engraved for the third time on the Dr. Ralph Hall memorial perpetual trophy that is on display at the Portland Chess Club. He also qualifiers for the Oregon Invitational Tournament but has already qualified for the higher level state championship, which runs alongside the Invitational, for being the current Oregon State Champion. NM Mike Janniro, Carl Koontz, David Bannon, David Yoshinaga, Bill Gagnon, and Geoff Kenway tied for second with 3.5/5. Mike and David Bannon split the second and third places prizes, each taking home $46.87. Carl took the over age 60 prize of $47. David Yoshinaga and Bill split the 1st and 2nd U1800 prizes, each taking home $46.87. Geoff won the 1st U1600 prize of $62.50. He also achieved his 5th, 3rd category norm and thus was awarded the 3rd category title. Mike Hasuike, Antonio Artuz, and Jerrold Richards tied for the second U1600 prize with 2.5/5, each pocketing $10.42. Harry Buerer won the 1st U1400 prize of $62.50 with 2/5. Brian Berger won the over age 70 prize of $47 with 1.5/5. Arliss Dietz won the over age 80 prize with 1/5. Ian Fudalla won the 2nd U1400 prize of $31.25.

Quad 45 (July 16): This month’s edition, which was run by Micah Smith with assistance from Mike Lilly, got a good turnout of twenty-three players and was split into four quads and a seven player Swiss with the bottom seven players. Mike Lilly offered to play the players who got a bye in the Swiss an unrated game and the players who got a bye in rounds two and three did so. FM Nick Raptis won the top quad with a perfect 3-0 and won a book. Steve Buck, Brian Berger, and Konner Feldman tied for first in quad 2 with 2/3, all with one win and won loss against each other. Konner gained around 35 rating points and got his rating over 1600 for the first time. They were all eligible to receive a book and Steve and Konner did so but Brian declined. Konner was also eligible to receive a medal as a scholastic player but declined, saying he already has enough medals. We also round the $10 discounted entry that they split three ways up to $3.50. James Tsai won quad 3 with 2.5/3 and won a book. Despite being the lowest rated player in quad 3 by almost 200 points, David Ma finished second and gained around 55 rating points which was more than enough to put his rating over 1300 for the first time. Marcus Leung won quad 4 with a perfect 3-0 and gained around 100 rating points! He won a book and was also eligible to pick among a selection of bigger trophies but decided to take one of the smaller trophies that we give for scholastic players who win or tie for first with 2.5. Nick Lafond, who was playing in this first US Chess rated tournament, won the Swiss with a perfect 3-0 and won a book. Erin Cheng, Neena Feldman, and Gabe Needham tied for second with 2/3. We round the $5 discounted entry that they split three ways for tying for second in a group of seven up to $1.75. There were three other players playing in there first ever US Chess rated event, Ben Needham, Kevin Wu, and Christopher Morrissey.

Carl Haessler simul (July 16): This month LM Carl Haessler gave a simul in place of the Saturday Blitz. We’ve decided to try and replace the Saturday blitz once a year with a simul. We thought it would be a good time to do a simul with Carl as he is the current Oregon State Champion (and 5-time state champion). We thought replacing the blitz in July made sense since we have the Portland Rapid and Blitz Championships the following week. Three players played in the simul. A good number of players who played in the Quad 45 said they were interested in playing in the simul but ultimately decided not to. Due to the low turnout, Mike Morris suggested doing a clock simul to make it more challenging for Carl. We decided to use G/45;d15, the time control used for the Quad 45. Carl went 2-1 in the simul, only losing to Michael Moore who got to select from the trophies we give out at the Quad 45. He said it’s the first trophy he has won.

Portland Rapid and Blitz Championships (July 23): Micah Smith came up with the idea for these new annual events. He thought these would be fun events where players didn’t have to risk their regular rating. Also, we currently weren’t running any tournaments in the “quick-only” time control range (time controls with “total playing time” (base time plus the delay or increment) of more than 10 but less than 30 minutes for each player) and he thought it would be good to have at least one tournament in this range. The quick tournaments run by the Portland Chess Association have become popular with a group of players (see the links page for more on the Portland Chess Association). Micah was the chief TD for these events and was assisted by Mike Janniro at registration for both the rapid and blitz. Mike also played in the blitz. Twelve players played in the rapid. FM Nick Raptis swept the field with a perfect 5-0 and won $39. Alex Yeo finished second with 4/5, winning $27 and gaining around 35 quick rating points. Michael Parsons, David Yoshinaga, Maxwell Barnes, and Gregory Battis tied for third with 3/5. Michael and David split the U2000/unrated prize, each pocketing $10.50, while Maxwell and Gregory split the U1700/unrated and U1400/unrated prizes, each winning $16.50. Maxwell also gained around 145 quick rating points. Maxwell was visiting from Oklahoma while Gregory drove up all the way from Klamath Falls! Eleven players in the blitz, with eight of those players having played in the rapid. FM Nick Raptis again swept the field, this time with a perfect 16-0, and won $35.75. Jeff Austin and Steven Witt tied for second with 11/16 and split the 2nd and U2100/unrated prizes, each winning $22. Jeff also gained around 75 blitz rating points while Steven gained around 35 blitz rating points. Chris Burris won the U1800/unrated prize of $16.50 with 8/16. Maxwell Barnes won the U1500/unrated prize of $13.75 with 7/16 and was the only player other than Raptis to cash in both the rapid and blitz. Another nice rating gain was achieved by Gregory Battis who gained around 55 blitz rating points.

Tuesday Quads (July 5-28): Mike Lilly ran this month’s Tuesday Quads in addition to playing in the event. It got record attendance of twenty players, beating the previous record of sixteen from May 2016 and April 2012! Due to the spread in ratings, it was split into two, three round quads and two, six-player, four round Swisses. FM Nick Raptis won the top section, a quad, with 2.5/3. Karl Cosner won the second section, a Swiss, with 3.5/4. NM Mike Janniro finished second with 3/4. Ari Bluffstone and Arliss Dietz tied for first in the third section, a quad, with 2/3. Arliss won their match-up in round 2 and also gained around 40 rating points. It’s very rare to see young scholastic players at the Tuesday Quads but this month there were two young scholastic players, Eric Erard and Roshen Nair, and they tied for first in the fourth section, a Swiss, with 3/4. Eric won their match-up in round 2 in addition to gaining around 65 rating points. Since Eric failed to complete the tournament by forfeiting his last round game, he is ineligible for prizes under PCC policy and the US Chess rulebook recommendation. Thus, Roshen wins the 1st place $10 discounted entry prize and Mike Lilly and Harry Buerer split the $5 second place discounted entry prize (which exists in a group of six or seven) with 2/4.

Game in 60 (July 30): This month’s edition was run by Danny Phipps with assistance from Mike Lilly all day and Mike Hasuike during registration. Mike Hasuike also played in the event. It got an excellent turnout of thirty-five players and thus was split into two sections with the top eighteen players in the upper section and the bottom seventeen players in the lower section. Jason Cigan won the upper section with a perfect 4-0 and won $90. Arjun Thomas, Ryan Ackerman (both from the Seattle area), Moshe Rachmuth, Brent Baxter (from Olympia), and Carter Lancaster tied for second with 3/4. They split the second and third place prizes, each taking home $18. Carter also gained around 115 rating points which was more than enough to put his rating over 1600 for the first time. Ian Fudalla won the lower section with 3.5/4 and won $74. Ian Olsen, who was playing in his first US Chess rated event, Geoff Kenway, and Jerrold Richards tied for second with 3/4. Gabriel Needham added around 140 points to his provisional rating while his father Ben Needham did even better by adding around 200 points to his provisional rating. There was one other player playing in their first US Chess rated tournament, William Nobles.