Tournament Reports

July 2015

Portland Summer Open (July 11-12): Mike Lilly and Mike Janniro ran this years Summer Open. Starting with this year’s Summer Open we made a good change to allow a half point bye in round five (instead of just two half point byes for rounds 1-4) at the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Opens to accommodate those who can’t play round the last round (all of our other tournaments that allow half point byes were already currently allowing one for the last round). Several players took a half point bye on the last round and one players who couldn’t play on Sunday at all took half point byes for rounds four and five. There were thirty-eight players, twenty-two in the Open and sixteen in the Reserve (U1800). FM Steven Breckenridge, who is home from college for the Summer, won the Open section with 4.5/5 and won $142.50. FM Nick Raptis finished second with 4/5 and received $95. As the top Oregon finisher, Nick qualifies for the Oregon Invitational Tournament but he already qualified for the Invitational for winning the Gresham Open. However, it’s all moot as he has qualified for the state championship, which runs alongside the Invitational, for being the current Oregon State Champion. Gavin Zhang, who played up in the Open section, won the U2000 prize of $71.25 with 3.5/5, gained over 50 rating points, and achieved a new peak rating. Danny Phipps achieved his 5th 2nd category norm and thus was awarded the 2nd category title. Alan Rhoades gained over 70 rating points. Roland Eagles swept the reserve section with a perfect 5-0 and won $95. Jazon Samillano and Geoff Kenway, who gained over 40 rating points, split the second and U1600 prizes with 3.5/5, each taking home $59.50. Jeremy Harlin won the U1400 prize of $47.50 with 3/5 and gained over 70 rating points. Henry Romero won the U1200/unrated prize with 3/5. Young Kushal Pai gained over 200 rating points from the tournament.

Quad 45 (July 18): This months edition, directed as always by Micah Smith and Mike Lilly, got an excellent turnout of twenty-eight players, the second highest turnout for the Quad 45 so far, was split into four quads and two six player Swisses. There were two Swisses to try and avoid some family members from playing. Usually we combine two quads if necessary to try and avoid family members from playing but this would have made one player extremely out-rated in the group of eight. Moshe Rachmuth and Steven Witt tied for first in the top quad with 2/3. Steven won their matchup in round 1. Moshe got an established rating above 1900 for the first time and a win against an FM while Steven gained around 40 rating points. Dagadu Gaikwad won the second quad with 2.5/3. The colors for the last round game between Dagadu and Andrea Botez was switched to equalize colors due to a player withdrawing (the colors in the last round in quads are random anyway). James Hansen won the third quad with 2.5/3, despite being the lowest rated player in the quad, and gained almost 100 rating points. He was also eligible to receive a medal as a scholastic player but declined. Ryan Billingsley, who is from Arkansas and is in the area for a little while, won the fourth quad with 2.5/3. David Roshu won the first Small Swiss with 2.5/3. He also declined to take a medal. Sisters Megan Cheng and Erin Cheng tied for second with 2/3. Carlos Ferrer-Perry won the second small Swiss with a perfect 3-0 and won a trophy as a scholastic player. Perry Rachmuth finished second with 2/3.

Breckenridge Simul (July 18): Mike Lilly had the idea of organizing simuls with some of the top local players. Just like the blitz, we thought it made sense to do a simul after the Quad 45. Some players may be interested in a simul but may not want to travel to the PCC just for a simul, especially those who live farther away. However, if they are already there for the Quad 45, then they may stay and play in the simul afterwards. We also hoped having the Quad 45 and simul back to back would encourage more players who were mainly coming for the simul to play in the Quad 45 beforehand as well. We took advantage that FM Steven Breckenridge is back in town from college for the summer and Steven gave a simul in place of the Saturday Blitz. Steven went 16-1-1 against an 18 player field. Congratulations to Santiago Tenesaca for winning and Prashant Periwal for drawing. Stay tuned for information about future simuls with other top players.

Game in 60 (July 25): This months edition was directed by Mike Janniro and had an excellent turnout of thirty-eight players, helped in part due to the Harrison Park scholastic chess club bringing a number of players (they brought a number of players to last years July Quad 45). Due to the new policy, it was split into two sections at the midpoint of the players registered. LM Nels Truelson, who is visiting from South Dakota, and Becca Lampman tied for first in the upper section with 3.5/4, each winning $79. They drew each other in round 4. Jason Cigan, Luke Robson, and Jazon Samillano tied for third, each pocketing $11. Jazon gained around 130 rating points from the tournament which was more than enough to put his rating over 1700 for the first time. Alex Yeo acieved his 5th, 4th category norm and thus was awarded the 4th category title (his performance was good enough that he achieved a 3rd category norm as well). Brian Berger gained over 70 rating points. The Harrison Park players were all in the lower section and it was paired so they wouldn’t have to play against each other. Henry Romero, David Morris-Diaz, and Andrei Kleshchev tied for first in the lower section with 3.5/4, each taking home $64 by splitting the 1st, 2nd, and U1400/unrated prizes. David and Andrei drew each other in round 3 while Henry took a half point bye in the last round. David gained over 100 rating points while Andrei gained over 200 rating points!

Tuesday Quads (July 7-30): Mike Lilly and Mike Morris ran this months Tuesday Quads. Mike Lilly also played in the event. There were eight players in two quads. Issac Vega won the upper quad with a perfect 3-0. Hugo Hartig, who regularly plays the Tuesday Quads but rarely plays other tournaments, won the lower quad with a perfect 3-0.