Tournament Reports

January 2017

Quad 45 (January 21): This month’s edition was run by Micah Smith with assistance from Michael Hasuike at registration. There The twenty-six players, the third highest attendance for the Quad 45 so far. The attendance was probably helped due to the fact that there hadn’t been a weekend tournament at the PCC in over a month (the 1st Annual Neil Dale Memorial Open which was scheduled for the first full weekend in January was cancelled due to the weather and the December Game in 60 was moved up two weeks to avoid being on New Year’s or Christmas Eve). The field was split into five quads and a six-player Swiss. The Swiss was put in the middle to try and avoid some family members from playing and to avoid a player from being extremely over-matched in his quad. Ryan Richardson and Moshe Rachmuth tied for first in quad 1 with 2/3, with them drawing their game in round 2. They both won books. For Ryan, it was the second straight month he tied for first in the top section at the Quad 45 and has won the top section the last three times he has played in the Quad 45. Andrea Botez won quad 2 with 2/3 and won a book. She was also eligible to receive a medal as a scholastic player who won her section with 2 but declined. Takuma Sato-Duncan, who was playing in his first US Chess rated tournament in almost four years, won quad 3 with a perfect 3-0, winning a book and gaining around 45 rating points. Greg Markowski and David Roshu tied for first in the Swiss with 2.5/3, with them drawing their match-up in round 2. They each won a book and David also won a small trophy as a scholastic player who won his section with 2.5 in addition to gaining around 60 rating points. The sections worked out in a way where Jimmy Dee ended up 700 rating points higher than the next highest rated player in quad 4. Not surprisingly, Jimmy won the quad with a perfect 3-0 and won a book, but his opponents put up a good fight. Quad 5 was made up of four unrated players, Ryan Walsh, Darian Radfarr, Wyatt Whiting, and Samuel Woods. Ryan won the quad with a perfect 3-0. Note that next month’s Quad 45 is on February 4, two weeks earlier than usual.

Portland Chess Club Annual Membership Meeting (January 21): The annual membership meeting elects the club’s board of directors for the current year and allows anyone to propose ideas on improving the club. This year’s edition took place after the Quad 45. Several club members and others attended the meeting which is more than usual. Everyone on the board agreed to continue in their current position and no one else volunteered to be on the board so the board remains the same as in 2016 with Lennart Bjorksten as President, Micah Smith as Vice-President, Mike Morris as Treasurer and Secretary, Mike Janniro as Post 1, and Danny Phipps as Post 2.

Game in 60 (January 28): This month’s edition was run by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance from Mike Morris at registration. There were twenty-six players so it was run in one section. FM Nick Raptis, who recently achieved his first IM norm and a new peak US Chess rating of 2430 at the North American Open, swept the field with a perfect 4-0 and won $78. Moshe Rachmuth finished second with 3.5/4, winning $52 and pushing his rating over 2000 for the first time. NM Jason Cigan, Takuma Sato-Duncan, Chris Burris, and Michael Moore tied for third with 3/4. They split the third and 1st U1800/unrated prizes, each winning $21.12. Takuma also gained around 45 rating points while Michael gained around 40. Kushal Pai won the 1st U1500/unrated prize of $45.50 with 2.5/4 and gained around 75 rating points which was more than enough to achieve a new peak rating. There was one player playing in his first US Chess rated tournament, Thomas Rolfs.

Tuesday Quads (January 3-31): Mike Morris ran this month’s Tuesday Quads in addition to playing in the event. It got an excellent turnout of eighteen players, the second most ever for the Tuesday Quads (the July 2016 edition had twenty players). Due to the spread in ratings, there were six players in the top section (all rated over 2000). The remaining twelve players would have been split into three quads but the bottom two quads were combined into an eight player Swiss to try and avoid some family members from having to play each other (due to two quads being combined, the top two finishers both win the $10 discounted entry). The eight player Swiss was originally going to have five rounds but was shortened to three due to the bad weather. Many of the round 2 games on the second Tuesday were rescheduled to the following Tuesday due to the bad weather and this pushed the third round back to the fourth Tuesday in the month. Due to their being only three rounds but five Tuesdays in the month, a few players players played an “extra game” as well. Brian Esler won the top section with 2.5/3. Mike Morris finished second with 2/3. Ari Bluffstone and Anthony Gold tied for first in the middle section with 2/3, with Ari winning their game in round 3. Brian Berger won the third section with a perfect 3-0 and gained around 60 rating points. Abbie Wu finished second with 2.5/3, gaining around 165 rating points and a new peak rating. Mike Lilly gained around 100 rating points and a new peak rating in the third section.