Friday Scholastic Quads, Casual Chess, and More: Every Friday

Scholastic Quads

Format: 3-round quads open to all K-12 players. Some or all of the sections may run as a 3-round Swiss with more than four players depending on circumstances. The most current NWSRS ratings are generally used.

Time Control: G/25;d5 (twenty five minutes per player with a five second delay each move). Clocks without delay capability use G/25;d0. The time control may be adjusted to a slightly different time control (such as G/20;d10) based on player preference. Bring a digital clock. Some digital clocks are provided at this tournament but please do not always rely on the club to provide a digital clock (boards, pieces, notation sheets, and pens/pencils are provided).

Schedule: On-site registration runs from 6:30-6:45pm. The first round starts at 7pm and each section will run on an ASAP schedule.

Entry Fee: $20, $15 for PCC members. Pay during registration with cash or check payable to Portland Chess Club.

Rated: NWSRS rated

Prizes: Trophy to the winner(s) of each quad. If there is a six or seven player Swiss, the runner-up receives a medal.

Qualifiers: This tournament is a qualifier for the OSCF State Championship (unless the tournament falls on or ten days prior to the final day of the state championship)

Location: Portland Chess Center, 2025 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR 97232

Notes: 1) No quads on December 25. Any other cancellation of the quads will be posted on the PCC website. 2) This tournament uses the rules from the 7th edition of the US Chess rulebook. Clocks are required and notating is recommended. 3) US Chess and State memberships are not required.

Casual Chess and More

Casual chess and more also occurs every Friday from 7-10pm at the Portland Chess Center, 2025 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR 97232. You can come anytime and stay for as long as you like during these three hours for casual chess. The TD will also work with players that want to play virtually any sort of tournament during these three hours (rated or unrated, regular, dual, quick, or blitz, quad or Swiss, etc.). There may also be problem solving. There are no fees or memberships required to play casual games or do problem solving. If you play in a tournament, the fee is $20 for non-PCC members and $15 for PCC members. Boards, pieces, notation sheets, pens/pencils, and some digital clocks are provided. The casual chess and more is a great way to get introduced to the club. Note: No casual chess and more on December 25. Any other cancellation of the casual chess and more will be posted on the PCC website.