Tournament Reports

February 2018

Game in 60 (February 24): This month’s edition was run by Mike Hasuike with assistance from Isaac Vega, who also played in the event. It got a good turnout of twenty-nine players and thus was run in one section. Isaac Vega swept the field with a perfect 4-0, winning $87 and gaining around 35 rating points. Moshe Rachmuth, Andrea Botez, Brian Lee, Eric Erard, Abbie Wu, and David Kim tied for second with 3/4. David won the 1st U1500/unrated prize of $50.75 and gained around 60 rating points and achieved a new peak rating. The rest of the players split the second, third, and 1st U1800/unrated prizes, each winning $30.50. Other big rating gains were achieved by Jon Strohbehn (around 100 points), John Kong (around 85 points to his provisional rating and a new peak rating) David Kong (around 80 points and a new peak rating), Manu Isaacs (around 80 points to his provisional rating), Pace Lykins (around 50 points and a new peak rating) Patrick Morrissey (around 50 points), and Mark Hanna (around 35 points). There was one player playing in their first US Chess rated event, Kylie Morrissey.

Sunday Quads (February 25): After forty-seven straight months of being the chief TD of the Quad 45/Sunday Quads, Micah Smith was unable to run this month’s Sunday Quads. Lennart Bjorksten filled in as Chief TD this month and was assisted by Mike Lilly. This months edition was a week later than usual due to the Oregon State Championship and Invitational having been scheduled for the third and second weekends in the month (although it was postponed due to emergency circumstances) and the Superbowl on the first Sunday. This is the first time the Quad 45/Sunday Quads has been held on the fourth weekend in the month, after the Game in 60, and on the same weekend as the Game in 60. This month the time control changed from G/45;inc15 to G/50;inc15 so each player will get around sixty minutes total for most games, making it very similar to the overall amount of time a player gets for a game at the Game in 60, which has proven very popular for a faster time control tournament. There were ten players. Due to the spread in ratings, the top four players were put into a quad and the bottom six players a Swiss. Michael Moore, from Corvallis, and Eric Erard, two of the five players who played in both the Game in 60 and Sunday Quads on the same weekend, tied for first in the quad with 2/3, with Michael winning their matchup in round 2. They both won a book as well as a medal as scholastic players who won their section with 2 points. Eric was the only player to win a prize at both the Game in 60 and Sunday Quads. Dale Wentz and David Roshu tied for first in the Swiss. They drew their matchup in round 2. They both won a book. David was also eligible to take a small trophy as a scholastic player who won his section with 2.5 points but declined. David also gained around 45 rating points and achieved a new peak rating while Dale gained around 35 points.

Tuesday Quads (February 6-27): This months edition was run by Mike Morris and got an excellent turnout of sixteen players. The players were split into four quads. This month the on-site registration time went back to 7:15-7:30pm and the round times went back to 7:30pm to accommodate those who can’t get to the club earlier. Mike Janniro swept quad 1 with a perfect 3-0. Abbie Wu swept quad 2 with a perfect 3-0 and gained around 85 rating points. Gregory Markowski won quad 3 with 2.5/3. Michael Kim gained around sixty rating points and achieved a new peak provisional rating in quad 3. Anthony Trautz, who was playing in his first US Chess rated tournament, swept quad 4 with a perfect 3-0.