Tournament Reports

February 2017

Quad 45 (February 4): This month’s edition was two weeks earlier than usual to avoid conflicting with the Oregon State Championship and Invitational. It was run by Micah Smith with assistance from Michael Hasuike for the second straight month. Michael also played an extra game against three of the players who missed a round. There were twenty-three players. This is good attendance for the Quad 45, especially considering the previous Quad 45 was only two weeks prior and the Game in 60 was the week before. There were four quads and a seven player Swiss among the bottom seven players. The Swiss was put at the bottom to try and avoid some family members from having to play against each other. NM Jason Cigan won quad 1 with 2.5/3 and won a book. Brian Berger and Michael Olson tied for first in quad 2 with 2/3, with Michael winning their game in round 3. They both won books. Roshen Nair won quad 3 with 2.5/3. He added to his peak rating by gaining around 35 rating points and has now gained rating points in the last nine US Chess rated events he has played in! He also won a book and a small trophy as a scholastic player who won his section with 2.5. James Tsai won quad 4 with a perfect 3-0, gaining around 80 rating points and winning a book. Abbie Wu gained around 55 rating points in quad 2, adding to the peak rating she achieved at the January Tuesday Quads. Avi Gupta won the Swiss with a perfect 3-0, gaining around 65 rating points and a new peak rating. He won a book and a trophy as a scholastic player who won his section with 3-0. Kevin Wu finished second in the Swiss with 2/3. Christopher Morrissey added around 235 rating points to his provisional rating in the Swiss. Note that starting next month the time control at the Quad 45 will be changing from a fifteen second delay to a fifteen second increment. Click here to see the clock rules specific for this tournament and the best setting to use to set the popular digital clocks for this time control. Due to expanding the time control, the round times are now scheduled at 10am, 12:30pm, and 3pm.

Oregon State Championship & Invitational (February 11-12; 18-20): For the second straight year a second 10-player round robin, the Invitational, took place alongside the State Championship. This year’s tournament was played at the Portland Chess Club, sponsored by the OCF, and run by Grisha Alpernas. It was US Chess and FIDE rated. Matt Zavortink, playing in his first Oregon State Championship, won it with 7.5/9 (and no losses). Matt gets his name engraved for the first time on the State Championship perpetual trophy. He also gained around 65 rating points which was more than enough for him to get to 2200 for the first time. For getting to 2200, he receives the National Master Title. Seth Talyansky finished second with 6.5/9. LM Carl Haessler and FM Corey Russell tied for third with 4.5/9. Tres Roring won the Invitational with 6.5/9 and gained around 55 rating points. NM Phil Seitzer finished second with 6/9. Mike Morris and NM Paul Shannon tied for third with 5/9. We thank Corey Russell (from Medford), Joshua Grabinsky (from Coquille), and Paul Shannon (from Bend) for making the long trip two weekends in a row to play in this tournament. For more information about this event, including games and photos, click here.

Game in 60 (February 25): This month’s edition was run by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance at registration from Michael Hasuike, who also played in the event. There were nineteen players. Dave Murray and Will Holloran tied for first with 3.5/4. They drew their matchup in round 2. They split the first and second place prizes, each winning $47.50. Will also gained around 75 rating points and got his rating over 1700 for the first time. Sean Tobin, Ray Fletcher, and Kushal Pai tied for third with 3/4. Sean and Ray split the third place prize, each winning $14.50, while Kushal won the U1800/unrated prize of $33.25. Kushal also gained around 175 rating points and achieved his 5th, 4th Category norm and thus was awarded the 4th Category title (his performance was good enough that he also achieved 3rd and 2nd Category norms as well). Geoff Kenway, Fedor Semenov, and Zoey Tang split the U1500/unrated prize with 2/4, each winning $11.08. Zoey also gained around 60 rating points and achieved a new peak rating.

Tuesday Quads (February 7-March 1): This month’s edition was run by Mike Morris with assistance by Sean O’Connell, who also played in the event. It got a good turnout of fourteen players. Due to the spread in ratings, the group of six was made up of the bottom six players. Despite their being only four Tuesdays in February, the group of six decided to make it a round robin and play five rounds, with at least one of the games being scheduled at a different day and/or time. Brian Esler finished first in the top section with 2/3. However, since he forfeited his last round game and failed to complete the tournament, he is ineligible for prizes based on PCC policy and the US Chess rulebook recommendation. Thus, the $10 discounted entry prize goes to the highest finishing player who didn’t withdraw or forfeit and in this case it got split between Steve Surak and Sean O’Connell. Ari Bluffstone won the middle section with 2.5/3 and gained around 35 rating points. Roshen Nair won the lower section with 4/5. He also achieved his 5th, 4th Category norm and thus was awarded the 4th Category Title (his performance was good enough that he also achieved a 3rd Category norm as well). Greg Markowski finished second with 3.5/5 and gained around 105 rating points.