Tournament Reports

February 2016

Oregon State Championship and Invitational (February 6-7; 13-15): The annual Oregon State Championship is currently played as a 10-player round robin. This year a second 10-player round robin, the Oregon Invitational, was added. This year’s tournament was played at the Portland Chess Club, sponsored by the OCF, and run by Grisha Alpernas. It was US Chess and FIDE rated. Due to new FIDE regulations, the time control was changed from 40/120,SD/60;d5 to 40/120,SD/55;d5. LM Carl Haessler won the state championship for the fifth time with 7/9 (and no losses) and won $250. Carl tied for first in 1991, 1995, 1996, and won it outright in 2009. Carl gets his name engraved once again on the state championship perpetual trophy. NM Benedict Smail, NM Mike Pendergast, and NM Lennart Bjorksten tied for second with 6.5/9 and split the second and third place prizes, each winning $50. Lennart also gained around 40 rating points. Due to illness, two players withdrew shortly before the start of the Invitational. Only one replacement player was found in time so the Invitational ended up with nine players. Thus, every player got one round off. NM Bill Heywood won with 6.5/8 and won $125. Jerry Sherrard finished second with 6/8, gained around 40 rating points, and won $50. NM Steven Deeth and Gunther Jacobi tied for third with 4.5/8, each pocketing $12.50. We thank FM Corey Russell (from Medford) and Gregory Freeze (from Florence) for making the long trip two weekends in a row to play in this tournament. For more information about this event, including games and photos, click here.

Tuesday Quads (February 2-16): This month’s edition was run my Mike Lilly, who also played in the event. There were six players and was run as a 3-round Swiss in one section. The slightly lower attendance was likely due to the fact that some of the Tuesday Quad regulars presumably took this month off to focus on the Oregon State Championship or Invitational. Despite playing in the Washington State Championship, FM Nick Raptis still played. He was around 800 points higher than his closest competitor and of course swept the field with a perfect 3-0, winning the Tuesday quads for the third straight month. Nick has also outright won the last nine PCC tournaments he has played in! Hugo Hartig finished second with 2/3.

Quad 45 (February 20): Since January 2015, we have been awarding trophies to any scholastic player who goes 3-0 or a medal if they win or tie for first with 2.5, 2, or 1.5. We will now have some smaller trophies for scholastic players who win or tie for first with 2.5 (and continue to award relatively bigger trophies to scholastic players who go 3-0 and medals to scholastic players who win or tie for first with 2 or 1.5). This month’s Quad 45 was run by Micah Smith with assistance from Mike Lilly. The tournament got a nice turnout of twenty players. The field was split into five quads and there was a perfect 3-0 score in each section. We continue to allow anyone who wins or ties for first in their section at the Quad 45 to pick from the selection of books that have been donated to the club. FM Nick Raptis won the top quad and has now outright won the last ten PCC tournaments he has played in! We thank Andrei Botez for agreeing to play as a house player and stepping in to play in the top quad after a player withdrew after the first round due to illness. The top quad format was changed to a Swiss after the first round due to this. Daniel Friesen won the second quad, gaining almost 60 rating points which was more than enough to get his rating over 1800 for the first time. Andrea Botez gained around 40 rating points in quad 2. Jeremy Le Grove won the third quad and gained around 110 rating points which was enough to put his rating over 1600 for the first time. The quads worked out in such a way that Praveer Sharan was about 700 points higher than his closest competitor in quad 4. Praveer won the quad but his opponents put up a tough fight. Praveer got to select from a wide variety of trophies as a scholastic player who went 3-0. The fifth quad had three players playing in their first US Chess rated tournament, Mir-Yusef Langroodi, Soumik Chakraborty, and Aaron Stevens. Yusef won the quad and got to select a trophy as a scholastic player who went 3-0.

Saturday Blitz (February 20): There were only three players so the entry was waived and TD Micah Smith played as a house player. It was run as a 5-round double Swiss, with each player playing one opponent twice and two opponents four times. FM Nick Raptis and Micah Smith tied for first with 8/10. They went 2-2 against each other. Micah has at least tied for first in all four of the Saturday Blitz tournaments he has played in. The tie snapped Nick’s streak of ten consecutive outright wins in PCC tournaments that he played in but he has still tied for first in the last eleven PCC tournaments he has played in! Since Micah played as a house player, Nick receives the $5 discounted entry prize into one of the next six Saturday Blitz tournaments.

Game in 60 (February 27): With Lennart Bjorksten out of town, Mike Janniro stepped up to run this months Game in 60 (and also played an extra game in the last round to avoid a bye). He was assisted by Mike Morris at registration and Mike Lilly at the beginning and end of the day. There were twenty-two players so it was run in one section. FM Nick Raptis swept the field with a perfect 4-0, won $66. Nick at least tied for first in all four of the PCC tournaments in February and has at least tied for first in the last tweleve PCC tournaments he has played in! Ray Flecther, Daniel Friesen, Roland Eagles, and Jeremy Le Grove split the second, third, U1800/unrated, and U1500/unrated prizes, each winning $38.50. Big rating gains were achieved by Carter Lancaster (around 145 rating points), Kushal Pai (around 85 rating points), David Roshu (around 80 rating points), Erin Cheng (around 60 points), and Robert Bowden (around 55 points). Carter, Kushal, and Daivd also achieved new peak ratings.