Tournament Reports

February 2015

Oregon State Championship (February 7-8; 14-16): The annual Oregon State Championship (also known as the Oregon Closed) was held at the Portland Chess Club, sponsored by the OCF, and run by Grisha Alpernas. It was played as a 10-player round robin (as has been the case for a while) and was USCF and FIDE rated. FM Nick Raptis scored 7.5/9 (with no losses) to win for the third consecutive year and fifth time overall (he also won in 2001 and tied for first in 2005). Nick won $200 and gets his name engraved on the state championship perpetual trophy once again. Aaron Grabinsky finished second with 7/9, winning $100. Phillip Seitzer finished third with 5/9, winning $50. We thank Aaron Grabinsky (from Coquille) and FM Corey Russell (from Medford) for making the long trip two weekends in a row to play in this tournament. Click here for more information on the state championship, including games and photos. Next year the Oregon Invitational will be held alongside the state championship.

Quad 45 (February 21): This monthly tournament has now been running for a year. As usual, Micah Smith and Mike Lilly ran this event. There were twenty-four players and To try and avoid some family member from playing, the bottom two quads were combined into an eight player Swiss. Elias Stern-rodriguez won the top quad with 2.5/3 and achieved an expert rating for the first time. Jeff Austin won the second quad with 2.5/3. Brian Berger won the third quad with 2.5/3. Aaron Probst, who finished second in the third quad with 2/3, gained over 60 rating points. Marcus Leung, a 6th grader who was competing against three players much older than him, won the fourth quad with a perfect 3-0 score and gained over 200 rating points! Egan Wong, a 3rd grader, won the Swiss with a perfect 3-0 score and also gained over 200 rating points! The tournament gives medals for any scholastic player who wins/ties for first in their section. For a limited time, we have trophies for any scholastic player who goes 3-0 in there section. Marcus and Egan both seemed very excited to be able to select from a wide range of trophies. This tournament is a great way for new players to get introduced to the club and tournament chess for a variety of reasons (the ability to compete against similarly ranked opponents, lower cost, doesn’t last all day). There were four players playing in their first USCF rated event, Santiago Tenesaca, a strong player originally from Ecuador who played in the top quad, Rakesh Rapolu, Michael Bunker, and Victoria Goins.

Saturday Blitz (February 21): There were nine players so it was run as a 5-round double Swiss in one section. Jason Cigan and Jerry Sherrard tied for first with 8/10. They split their two games against each other. We hope to continue to grow this unique tournament which takes place each month after the Quad 45 and has a G/3;d2 time control, multiple sections (If there are at least eleven players), and is USCF blitz rated. There is no need to play in the Quad 45 to be able to play in the blitz but players who do play in the Quad 45 (and PCC members) receive a $5 discount on the blitz entry fee.

Tuesday Quads (February 3-24): With Mike Morris out of town, Mike Lilly stepped in to run this month’s Tuesday Quads. With six players and four Tuesdays in February, it was run as a 4-round Swiss in one section. Sean O’Connell won with a perfect 4-0 score. In addition to directing, Mike Lilly played in the event, upsetting two much higher rated players, gaining over 100 rating points, and achieving a new peak rating.

Game in 60 (February 28): The months edition, directed by Neil Dale with assistance from Mike Lilly, got a good turnout of thirty-one players. FM Nick Raptis (as usual) and Mike Goffe tied for first with perfect 4-0 scores and split the first and second place prizes, each taking home $77.50. Nick moved his rating back over 2400. Bill Schill, a FIDE master from Seattle, Chris Burris, Jazon Samillano, and Jon Strohbehn split the third and U1800/unrated prizes with 3/4, each taking home $25.25. A week after gaining over 200 rating points, Marcus Leung gained over 100 more rating points with 2.5/4 and won the U1500/unrated prize of $54. There was one player playing in his first USCF rated event, Daniel Gutmann.