Tournament Reports

December 2017

Portland Winter Open (December 9-10): This year’s edition was run by Mike Janniro with assistance at registration from Mike Morris and Lennart Bjorksten. Andrei Botez played an extra game against a player who received a full point bye. This year ten second delay was used on the time control, which mitigates time pressure situations a lot better than the traditional five second delay does. There were thirty-two players. NM Phillip Seitzer and Moshe Rachmuth tied for first in the fifteen player Open section with 4/5 and split the first and second place prizes, each winning $96.88. As the top Oregon finisher on tiebreaks, Phillip qualifies for the Oregon Invitational Tournament. However, he definitely would have qualified for the Invitational anyway based on rating. Moshe also gained around 40 rating points. Brent Baxter, from Olympia, and Shaashwath Siakumar, who came up to the tournament from San Francisco(!), split the U2000 prize with 3.5/5, each winning $29.13. Markus Woltjer won the seventeen player Reserve, U1800, section with 4.5/5, winning $77.50, adding around 120 points to his provisional rating, and achieving a new peak provisional rating. William Dwyer finished second with 4/5 and won $58.25. Fedor Semenov, Neena Feldman, and Austin Tang split the 1st U1600 and 1st U1400 prizes with 3/5, each winning $25.83. Neena also gained around 105 rating points, achieved a new peak rating, and achieved her fifth, 4th category norm and thus was awarded the 4th Category title. Pierre-Hadrien Beauchet and Patrick Morrissey split the U1200/unrated prize with 2/5, each winning $19.38. Patrick also gained around 75 rating points. David Roshu also gained around 75 points in the Reserve section.

Sunday Quads (December 17): This month’s edition was run by Micah Smith with assistance at registration from Mike Lilly. There were eleven players. Pierre-Hadrien Beauchet was the fourth highest rated player and was much lower rated than the top three players. We would have made the tournament an eleven player Swiss to avoid Pierre from being extremely outrated in his section but he said he wanted to be in the top section with the three much higher rated players so the field was split into a quad with the top four rated players and a a 3-round Swiss among the bottom seven players. We thank Jonathan Budil, a player who is new to the area and was checking out the club for the first time, Rui Kong, father of David and John Kong, and Sophie Beauchet, mother of Pierre-Hadrien Beauchet for each agreeing to play one game as a house player (Sophie ended up not playing as a player withdrew before the last round). FM Shunkai Peng, a player who just moved to the area, swept the quad with a perfect 3-0 and won a book and a trophy as a scholastic player who won his section with 3 points. Kabir Rathore Muthu swept the Swiss with a perfect 3-0 and won a book and a trophy. Arnold Yang, David Kong, and John Kong tied for second in the Swiss with 2/3. Arnold also gained around 70 rating points while John added around 35 points to his provisional rating and achieved a new peak provisional rating. There was one player playing in his first rated tournament, Kimi (Zesen) Yao, and Rui Kong was playing his first rated game in the extra game he played.

Tuesday Quads (December 5-26): This month’s edition was run by Mike Morris. With six players and four Tuesdays in December, it was run as a four round Swiss in one section. Karl Cosner swept the field with a perfect 4-0. Robert Tompkins finished second with 3/4.

Game in 60 (December 30): With Lennart Bjorksten out of town playing in the North American Open (in which he did quite well) Mike Hasuike stepped in to run this month’s G/60. He was assisted by Mike Lilly. There were nineteen players so the tournament was run in one section. NM Jason Cigan swept the field with a perfect 4-0 and won $57. Ethan Wu and Raj Kodithyala tied for second with 3/4. They split the second and 1st U1800/unrated prizes, each winning $35.62. Michael Moore (from Corvallis), Roshen Nair, Colin Liu, Kushal Pai, Masakazu Shimada, and Jerrold Richards (from Lyle, Washington, around 75 miles away) were the next best finishers, all with 2.5/4. Jerrold won the U1500/unrated prize of $33.25 and gained around 85 rating points while the rest of them split the third place prize, each taking home $5.70. Other big rating gains as well as new peak ratings were achieved by Pace Lykins (around 135 points) and Chad Lykins (around 65 points).