Tournament Reports

August 2015

5th Annual Oregon Senior Open (August 1-2): After being held at the Oregon City/West Linn chess club the first four years, this year’s Oregon Senior Open was held at the Portland Chess Club. The tournament was sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation and run by David Yoshinaga with assistance from Grisha Alpernas. David also played an extra game in the first round to avoid a bye. It was open to all those at least 50 years old on August 1, including out of state players. This year’s edition got nineteen players. LM Carl Haessler topped the field for a second straight year with a perfect 5-0. He won $100, free entry into next years Oregon Senior, and gets his name engraved for the second time on the Dr. Ralph Hall memorial perpetual trophy that is on display at the Portland Chess Club. For winning, Carl also qualifiers for the Oregon Invitational Tournament but will almost certainly qualify for the higher level State Championship which runs alongside the Invitational. Carl Koontz and Marc Braverman, from Corvallis, split the second and third place prizes with 3.5/5, each winning $37.50. Greg Markowsi won the 1st U1800 prize with 3.5/5, winning $50 and gaining over 100 rating points. Mike Morris won the best over age 60 prize of $37.50 with 3/5. Roland Eagles and James Nelson split the 2nd U1800 prize with 2.5/5, each pocketing $12.50. Brian Berger, Tony Midson, who added around 80 points to his rating, and Geoff Kenway split the 1st U1600, 1st U1400, and best over age 70 prizes, each winning $45.83. Mike Hasuike and Jerrold Richards split 2nd U1600, each winning $12.50. Harry Buerer, won $25 for 2nd U1400 with 0.5/5. There was nobody eligible for the over 80 prize and it was not awarded.

Quad 45 (August 15): This months edition had thirteen players. Chief TD Micah Smith played as a house player to make it an even number and avoid byes. Unfortunately, Micah Smith ran the event without Mike Lilly for the first time, who has had to step down from running tournaments for the foreseeable future due to health issues. We thank Mike immensely for for all the work he has down for the PCC the last several years, includes helping to start and build up the Quad 45, TD’ing many other tournaments, and often hosting the casual chess. Thanks goes to Brian Berger for helping out at registration in Mikes place. There were two quads and one six player Swiss. The Swiss was made up of the bottom six players so there would be a cance sisters Megan and Erin Cheng wouldn’t have to play against each other. For the first time ever at the Quad 45, there was a four way tie for first in a section. Micah Smith, Ethan Wu, Karl Stump, and Jack McClain, from Eugene, all tied for first in the top quad with 1.5/3. Since Micah played as a house player, the other three players split the $10 discounted entry prize among themselves (which we decided to start rounding up to $3.50 each). Ethan and Jack also won medals as scholastic players. John Anderson won the second quad with 2.5/3 and saw a significant jump in his provisional rating. Kushal Pai won the six player Swiss with 2.5/3 and won a trophy as a scholastic player. Daniel Anderson and Hadrian Demaioribus tied for second in the Swiss with 2/3.

Saturday Blitz (August 15): There were ten players so it was run as a 5-round double Swiss in one section. In addition to running the event, Micah Smith played as a house player to avoid byes. Micah won the event with 9/10. Benedict Smail, a master who recently moved to the area, finished second with 7.5/10 and won the discounted entry into one of the next six a Saturday Blitz tournaments since Micah played as a house player.

Game in 60 (August 29): This months edition, which was run by Lennart Bjorksten with assistance from Mike Morris at registration, got thirty-one players, an excellent turnout due to the fact that is was a week after the Vancouver Open and a week before the Oregon Open. It was split into a sixteen player upper section and a fifteen player lower section. FM Nick Raptis won $80.25 for winning the upper section with 3.5/4. Becca Lampman, Mike Goffe, and Ethan Wu split the second and third place prizes with 3/4, each winning $26.75. Ethan gained over 60 rating points, got his rating over 1800 for the first time, and achieved the 2nd category title by earning his 5th 2nd category norm (his performance was good enough that he achieved a 1st category norm as well). Colin Liu gained the 3rd category title by achieving his 5th 3rd category norm (his performance was good enough that he achieved a 2nd category norm as well). Jeremy Le Grove won the lower section with 3.5/4, winning $65 and gaining over 90 rating points. Masakazu Shimada, Brian Berger, and Marcus Leung, who gained over 70 rating points, split the second place prize, with 3/4. each pocketing $11.67. Kushal Pai, who gained over 60 rating points, and Matthew Witt, who added around 160 rating points to his provisional rating, split the U1400/Unrated prize with 2.5/4, each winning $25. There was one player playing in his first US Chess (recently re-branded from “USCF”) rated tournament, Javkhlantugs Nyamdorj.

Tuesday Quads (August 4-30): This months edition, directed by Mike Morris, got nine players and was split into a strong quad with four players close to 2200 and a five player round robin. NM Lennart Bjorksten won the quad with 2.5/3. Nicholas Brown won the round robin with 3/4 and gained almost 40 rating points.