Tournament Reports

April 2016

Quad 45 (April 16): This month’s edition was run by Micah Smith with assistance from Mike Lilly, who both also played an extra game in the final round after two players withdrew. There were fourteen players split into two quads and a 6-player Swiss. The Swiss was made up of the lowest six rated players to try and avoid some family members from being forced to play. Hugo Hartig and Mike Hasuike had the exact same rating and we at the cutoff between quad 2 and the Swiss. Hugo agreed to play in quad 2 and Mike agreed to play in the Swiss. Steven Witt, Ethan Wu, and Chris Burris tied for first in quad 1 with 2/3. They all drew each other in their individual matchups. They all won a book and Ethan also won a medal as a scholastic player. They also split the $10 discounted entry into one of the next three Quad 45 or Tuesday Quads tournaments three ways and we round this discount up to $3.50 each. Brian Berger won quad 2 with 2.5/3, gaining around 65 rating points and achieving a new peak rating. He declined to take a book. Mike Hasuike, David Roshu, and Cassandra Roshu tied for first in the Swiss with 2/3. They all won a book and David and Cassandra also won small trophies as scholastic players. David also gained around 90 rating points while Cassandra gained around 125 rating points. These rating gains were good enough for both of these players to achieve new peak ratings. Hunter Key added around 120 rating points to his provisional rating. The blitz side event did not get enough players and thus was not held. Note that next months Quad 45 and blitz are on the first Saturday of the month, May 7, two weeks earlier than usual.

Game in 60 (April 23): This month’s edition, which was a week earlier than usual to avoid conflicting with the OSCF State Championship, got twenty-six players so it was run in one section. Last year’s G/60 in April conflicted with the OSCF State Championship and only got seventeen players. This year we made sure we avoided conflicting with the OSCF State Championship (see the links page for more on the OSCF and the OSCF State Championship). With Lennart Bjorksten out of town, Mike Janniro stepped up to run this month’s G/60 (and also played two games as a house player to avoid byes). He was assisted by Mike Morris at registration. Seth Talyansky swept the field with a perfect 4-0 and won $78. Jason Cigan, Steven Witt, Danny Phipps, and Moshe Rachmuth tied for second with 3/4 and split the second and third places prizes, each taking home $22.75. James Hansen and Andrea Botez split the U1800/unrated prize with 2.5/4, each taking home $22.75. James also gained around 35 rating points and got his rating over 1700 for the first time. Praveer Sharan won the U1500/unrated prize of $45.50 with 2.5/4 and gained around 40 rating points. Big rating gains were achieved by Egan Wong (around 155 rating points), Neena Feldman (around 100 rating points), and Mike Hasuike (around 70 points). Note that next month’s G/60 is on May 21, also a week earlier than usual.

Tuesday Quads (April 5-26): This month’s edition was run by Mike Lilly and had a nice turnout of ten players. There were five players rated in the 1900’s-2000’s and five players rated in the 1300’s-1600’s so it was split into two groups of five. There were four Tuesdays in April and it was decided that both sections would be run as a four round Swiss. Mike Morris won the upper section and Brian Berger won the lower section, both scoring 3.5/4. Brian achieved a new peak rating for the third tournament in a row, as he also achieved new peak ratings at this month’s Quad 45 and Game in 60.