Tournament Reports

April 2015

9th Annual Clark Harmon Memorial Open (April 11-12): This annual event, which has rotated between Portland and Seattle for the last several years, was back in Portland this year. Clark was one of the Northwest’s premier players and ambassadors of the game for many decades. See more information about Clark here and here. It was sponsored by the PCC and contributors to the Harmon memorial fund and had a $2000 guaranteed prize fund! Mike Janniro directed on Saturday and Mike Morris directed on Sunday. It got thirty-five players. After winning the previous 2-day PCC tournament (the Spring Open-see the March 2015 archives), Lennart Bjorksten again topped the field with 4.5/5 and won $525! He also qualifies for the Oregon Invitational Tournament for winning but has already qualified for the Invitational for winning the Spring Open and will likely qualifer for the higher level state championship which runs alongside the Invitational. FM Nick Raptis, Jason Cigan, and Becca Lampman split the second and third place prizes with 4/5, each taking home $166.67. Mike Goffe and Jason Yu, a strong scholastic player from the Seattle area, split the 1st and 2nd U2000 prizes with 3.5/5, each winning $162.50. Danny Phipps won the 1st U1700 prize of $200 with 3.5/5. Danny started the tournament 3-0, scoring 1.5/2 against experts and gaining almost 150 rating points! Adam Culbreth, who gained almost 60 rating points, Liam Booth, Jazon Samillano, and Brian Berger split the 2nd U1700 prize, each receiving $31.25. Nathan Jewell won the 1st U1400/unrated prize of $200 with 2.5/5 and gained around 120 rating points. Michael Munsey, from Tacoma, Michael Moore, and Jimmy Tang, who was playing in his first USCF rated tournament, split the 2nd U1400/unrated prize, each taking home $41.67.

Quad 45 (April 18): This months edition, directed as always by Micah Smith and Mike Lilly, got a good turnout of twenty players, including players from as far south as Salem and as far north as Redmond. The bottom two quads were combined into an eight player Swiss to try and avoid some family members from playing. Due to the bottom two quads being combined, the top two finishes would both receive the $10 discounted entry and a trophy or medal if they are a scholastic player. We thank Max Booth, father of Liam Booth, for agreeing to play as a house player to make the field even and avoid byes. Colin Liu, the lowest rated player in the top quad, won it with 2.5/3, gained almost 100 rating points and winning a medal as a scholastic player. Liam Booth and Jazon Samillano tied for first in quad 2, in which all four players were very closely rated. Liam and Jazon drew their matchup in round 2. Liam took his rating over 1600 for the first time and won a medal as a scholastic player. Patrick Le won the third quad with 2.5/3, gained over 50 rating points, and won a medal as a scholastic player. Kyle Liu, Colin’s brother, won the Swiss with a perfect 3-0. As a scholastic player who went 3-0, Kyle got to pick from a wide range of trophies. Erin Cheng, Geordyn Allyn, who gained around 120 rating points, and Neeraj Javadekar, who gained around 110 points to his provisonal rating, tied for second in the Swiss with 2/3 and all received medals as scholastic players.

Saturday Blitz (April 18): This months edition had eight players so it was run as a double Swiss in one section. We thanks Max Booth for agreeing to again play as a house player to make the field even and avoid byes. Steven Witt won with 8.5/10. Our goal for May is to get at least eleven players so we can have at least two sections.

Game in 60 (April 25): This months Game in 60 had seventeen players and was run by Mike Janniro, who also played in the event. FM Nick Raptis (as usual) swept the field with a perfect 4-0, winning $51. Steven Witt won the second place prize of $34 with 3/4. Chris Wade won the U1800/unrated prize of $29.75 with 3/4, gained around 45 rating points, and achieved his 5th 2nd category norm which gives him the 2nd category title. Mike Janniro, Danny Phipps, and Roland Eagles split the third place prize with 2.5/4, each pocketing $8.50. Jerrold Richards won the U1500/unrated prize of $29.75 with 2/4. Attendance was down due to the tournament conflicting with the OSCF State Championship, the largest annual scholastic tournament in the state. We will look to avoid competing with this tournament in the future. Also, starting next month we have a new policy for this tournament whenever there are at least thirty players. See the Game in 60 ad for details.

Tuesday Quads (April 7-28): Mike Lilly assisted Mike Morris in directing this months Tuesday Quads. There were six players and four Tuesdays in April so it was run as a 4-round Swiss in one section. NM Lennart Bjorksten and NM Steven Deeth tied for first with 3.5/4. They drew their matchup in round 2.