About Us and Contact Info

The Portland Chess Club (PCC) is a non-profit, volunteer led organization that promotes chess in the Portland area by running regularly scheduled US Chess rated tournaments, casual chess, and more. We always welcome new volunteers. In particular, we are currently seeking people who are interested in directing or assisting at tournaments in any capacity. The club’s facility, which is known as the Portland Chess Center, is located in the Lloyd Center mall at 2025 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR 97232 (From the food court on the third level, go down the corridor under the Carrington College sign. We are three doors down on the right side.). Check out the club’s Facebook and Twitter pages

For general questions, send an email to email@pdxchess.org. If you need to contact the club during an event for a specific thing related to that event (i.e. running late and still want to be paired for the first round, need to withdraw, etc) call (503) 246-2978.