Upcoming Events

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Casual Chess: Every Wednesday from 7pm-10pm

Stop by for casual chess and a bit of socializing. This is a great way to get introduced to the club. A volunteer is always available to answer any questions you have about the club and our activities. There is no charge.

Semptember Tuesday Quads Start September 1

Monthly tournament with a one round per week format. The total number of rounds usually varies depending on the number of players and Tuesdays in a given month. Games are generally played on Tuesday evening but individual games may be rescheduled for a different day and time.

GM Timur Gareyev Blindfold Simul: September 3

Grandmaster Timur Gareyev will be giving a 10 board blindfold simul at the PCC. Note-the entry fee has been reduced to $30! Register now to reserve a spot.

Oregon Open Scholastic: September 5

Must pre-register here by September 3. You save $10 on the entry fee if you register by August 28. There are a limited number of spots so register early. May be split into multiple sections based on rating and/or grade. The tournament will be NWSRS rated. Any section with all USCF members may be USCF rated as well. Medals and NW Chess memberships will be awarded as prizes. Bring Clocks (few provided). Players who want to play in both the scholastic and open tournament can play in the scholastic on Saturday morning/afternoon and take a half point bye for round 1 of the open tournament and then join the open tournament for round 2 on Saturday evening.

65th Annual Oregon Open: September 5-7

Sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation and Portland Chess Club. The last two Oregon Opens have had two of the largest turnouts ever so let’s keep it up with a good turnout this year. You save $10 on the entry fee if you pre-register by September 2. Players under 19 in the reserve section may play for free (but are not eligible for prizes) if they have purchased USCF and OCF/WCF/ICA memberships through September, 2016. The tournament is a Qualifier for the Oregon State Championship, Oregon Invitational Tournament, and OSCF State Championship. Since the open section is FIDE rated, it must follow FIDE rules. See the differences between USCF and FIDE rules here. Bring boards, sets, and clocks. Annual OCF membership meeting Sunday September 6 at 4pm.

Quad 45: September 19

Monthly tournament that usually takes place on the third Saturday of each month. It’s a great way for new adult players and up and coming scholastic players to get introduced to the club and open (“adult”) tournaments as well as for experienced players to battle against similarly rated opponents. The tournament is played at G/45;d10 and dual rated in the USCF and NWSRS. The entry fee is waived for those who have never played in a USCF rated tournament (must still pay for USCF membership).

Saturday Blitz: September 19

Tournament that usually follows the “Quad 45”. It is USCF Blitz rated, has multiple sections, and played with a G/3;d2 time control. You save $5 on the entry fee if you play in the preceding Quad 45 (or are a PCC member).

Game in 60: September 26

Monthly tournament that usually takes place on the last Saturday of each month. Note-starting with the May 2015 Game in 60, we have a new policy whenever 30 or more player register. Click on the event title for details.

Club Championship Begins September 29

The annual Portland Chess Club Championship. Five round Swiss in one section. Games are generally played on Tuesday evening but individual games may be rescheduled for a different day and time. Note-no Tuesday Quads in October due to the Club Championship.

National Chess Day Fall Open: October 10-11

The annual Fall Open at the Portland Chess Club. The second Saturday in October is national chess day. We hope players will show there support for chess by playing in this tournament. A half point bye is now available in round 5 to accommodate those who can’t play the last round. Qualifier for the new Oregon Invitational Tournament.